Sam Lutfi: Laying Low, Lashing Out at Spears Family

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Where art thou, Sam Lutfi?


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    Sam Lutfi Lawsuit Against Britney Spears: Dismissed!

    Britney Spears and her family have prevailed in court against Sam Lutfi. A judge threw out his case against the family Thursday.

    Sam Lutfi: Britney Spears Totally on Meth, Nanny Totally Lying

    Britney Spears former nanny is a liar and a fraud, according to the liar and fraud who is suing her, Sam Lutfi.

    Leah Frand, Britney's Ex-Nanny, Shoots Down Sam Lutfi Meth Claim

    Is Sam Lufti just spewing BS? Yes, according to a nanny who used to work for Britney Spears.

    Sam Lutfi Accuses Jamie Spears of Assault

    Sam Lutfi went after Jamie Spears in court yesterday. He says Britney's dad once beat him up.

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    All I have to say is Resperedon and seroquel mixed together can make a person very loopy and lathargic. Last time I checked it is not that easy to stand up for yourself when you are extremely tired and overly stressed. Britney's brain and body are overworked and are being loaded with stress supressent drugs. If this does not say that Sam Lutfi is trying to controll her what else does? Britnery is depressed, she's lost her children, she does not get along with her family, and the guy she turns to is a wolf in sheep's skin who one moment is supporting her and the next making her feel like a peice of dirt. It is extreme pyschological abuse that many battered women face. Sam is iscolating her from friends, family, her children, and then making her feel worse for it . This gives him a power over her that obviously he does not mind enjoying. If something is not done about him he will only do worse to her.


    Who is Chad hardcstle nd what is his connection to Sm Lutfi?

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