Sam Lutfi: Laying Low, Lashing Out at Spears Family

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Where art thou, Sam Lutfi?

Rumor has it that the seedy puppet master is hiding out somewhere in L.A. in an effort to avoid getting served with a court-issued restraining order - one that will formally block his access to Britney Spears.

And Britney Spears' money.

Of course, Sam is not so far underground that he can't play spin doctor, contacting E! News and defend his "good" name against allegations from Lynne Spears.

The restraining order against Lutfi was issued after testimony from Brit's mom that Spears' oddball confidant drugged and mentally abused her.

"I'm not worried about what [Lynne Spears] is saying," Britney's self-proclaimed manager declared via pay phone from an undisclosed location.

No way, Sam Lutfi claims, did he ever do anything such as:

  • Cut Britney's phone lines
  • Hide her cell phones and chargers
  • Hide, then miraculously "find" Britney's dog London
  • Tell her she'd never see her sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, ever again unless she followed his commands
  • Try to convince her Adnan Ghalib is gay

"It's not true," Sam asserts.

Sam did cop to one of Lynne Spears' accusations in pushing pills on Brit: "These pills were working wonders â€" they are miracle pills," he said.

Still, Osama failed to fess up the exact prescription description, which allegedly helped Britney's strange and repeated mood swings.

He also neglected to mention to E! News when exactly Britney's period of "sane" behavior occurred ... we certainly weren't aware of it.

Sam Lutfi also reportedly hired "crisis manager" and PR guru Michael Sands to help repair his public image. This is quite ironic in that Sands was just hired by Mark Vincent Kaplan, K-Fed's laywer, to dig up dirt on ... Sam.


All I have to say is Resperedon and seroquel mixed together can make a person very loopy and lathargic. Last time I checked it is not that easy to stand up for yourself when you are extremely tired and overly stressed. Britney's brain and body are overworked and are being loaded with stress supressent drugs. If this does not say that Sam Lutfi is trying to controll her what else does? Britnery is depressed, she's lost her children, she does not get along with her family, and the guy she turns to is a wolf in sheep's skin who one moment is supporting her and the next making her feel like a peice of dirt. It is extreme pyschological abuse that many battered women face. Sam is iscolating her from friends, family, her children, and then making her feel worse for it . This gives him a power over her that obviously he does not mind enjoying. If something is not done about him he will only do worse to her.


Who is Chad hardcstle nd what is his connection to Sm Lutfi?