Rumor Has it: Spencer Pratt Pimps Heidi Montag

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Actually, you could argue that's more of a fact at this point.

Semantics aside, The Hills couple you love to hate was spotted at Rumor, a trendy boutique in Sherman Oaks, Calif., on Tuesday.

At least we think that's Heidi Montag with Spencer Pratt. It's hard to tell after you have every part of your body surgically enhanced.

Hey, Spencer and Heidi! There's a rumor going around that your relationship is a sham! Hmm. Maybe it was the bogus "engagement" ring on The Hills ...

The couple did some shopping and chatted up customers, thanking people for their outpouring of comments about the video for her single, "Higher."

Hmm. We've seen Heidi's new video. Those comments couldn't have been positive... unless viewers were convinced it was supposed to be funny.


The light one this pic makes it look like the right side of her face is someone else's that she taped on her face......which very well may be true.


Its totally crazy...her face looks wonk..


Everybody leave the poor girl alone. At least she's out there trying to make somethimg of herself. Unlike the rest of you sitting on your fat behinds talking s***.


Yes, Spencer is pimping heidi. He is such a douch, he is riding the band wagon for as long as he can. If Heidi was never friends with Lauren they would not be where they are at now. They blow, honestley..


Heidi is NOT a "singer". She's just an opportunist. I'm so sure her sales on Itunes will just skyrocket(sarcasm)! Can we please talk about her face for a second? We all know she had a boob job and a nose job...but why do her eyes, cheeks and lips look so different? She has a great body, but her face is not looking good these days. She's too young to have all this work done. What will she look like at 50?


Hedi I have not listen to your music yet but let me say a few things about your jealous x best friend. My opion is Lauren was sooo jealous that you had someone who cared about you & all she could get were these guys that she'd been with before who also were x"s. She thinks she's so DIVA right now never liked the chick you made a good choice & good luck with your future


OMG! This girl has to be the worst singer EVER in LIFE!!! I have yet to watch the entire video because it was such a piece of trash!!

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