Restraining Order Issued Against Sam Lutfi; Parents Now in Legal Control; Britney Spears Goes Ballistic

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A judge has issued a restraining order against Sam Lutfi - ordering him to stay away from Britney Spears, according to TMZ.

The judge found that Sam Lutfi has been harassing Britney. This will effectively bar Lutfi from going to the hospital.

The restraining order is in effect for 22 days, but Britney's parents could turn it into a permanent order at the end of the 22 days.

Britney's father, Jamie Spears, how has temporary legal control over his eldest daughter, and control over her medical treatment.

Jamie Spears may restrict any visitors to Britney, and is also in charge of arranging 24-hour caretakers for her, as well as security.

In addition, Jamie retains the power to cut off all of the singer's credit cards and prosecute any restraining orders on her behalf.

But it's not over yet

Sources say Britney's divorce lawyers and the lawyers representing the conservatorship (Jamie and Lynne Spears) may clash Monday.

Until now, Britney's divorce team at the law firm of Trope and Trope has been dealing with Sam Lutfi and believes he is well-meaning.

In large part (and not surprisingly), Jamie and Lynne Spears want this particular law firm out of the picture because of its apparent alliance with Sam Lutfi.

Jamie Spears, the freshly appointed co-conservator for Britney, has made it clear he dislikes the Trope firm and wants them out of her life for good.

Sam Lutfi is livid at the commissioner who issued the various orders today and was in touch with Trope and Trope numerous times yesterday.

Later, Britney Spears made two calls at the UCLA Psych Ward and went crazy on the phone after learning that her dad is now her conservator.

In a heavy British accent, ballistic Britney screamed (in reference to her parents), "I'm so sick of all of this, they can have the goddamn house and stick it up their f**king asses. Actually, no they can't."

A furious Britney Spears, who sounded drugged up, is really, really pissed that her dad became a conservator of her estate. She was screaming at the top of her lungs, at times impossible to understand. At one point she screamed:

"Nobody's taking my house. Who is my family?"


What is wrong with you people? I have a daughter the same age as Brittany. Her parents are only looking out for HER! They have their's daughters best interest at heart. It's obvious that Lufti was trying to control her. it sounds like has is the one who has turned her against her parents!! The Spears are only doing what a TRUE parent would do.. take care of their daughter!!


Britney's family is crazy. If I were Britney I would be outraged. Being committed to a pscyh ward and losing access to her money by her parents is upsetting. It doent seem like britney's parents are concerned about anything except her money -If I had parents like hers - a manipulative mom and greedy father- not to mention a vicious ex hubby Id be pretty messed up too. KFed is no angel. Everyone knows he is a greedy party boy stoner- Everyone wants a piece of brittney's money and thats about it. I feel sorry for her kids-they are the ones who are suffering. Im certain if all parties concerned would sober up and behave like adults there would be fewer problems.


stop smoking crack britney, thats all you need to do


Sad, sad, sad.
No, really. Sad.


Sam Lutfi along with attorney of Kevin Federline have conspiracy do destroy Britney, Sam was giving her very dangerous drugs, medicine that could destroy her health and made her crazy. This humiliation has to stop immediately. We don't need another Anna Nicole when H Stern and her doctor Berkovich were slowly murdering her and not been punished yet for the murder. Parents of Britney have to have full control of her life till she gets her health back. If this ugly greedy for money destroyers of Britney life don't stop, they will get punishment from God. In 3 years , we will see this Gods will.

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