Ramiele Malubay: The Next Antonella Barba?

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There's bad news for Ramiele Malubay and there's good news for Ramiele Malubay.

The following, slightly scandalous photo has been uncovered from the Facebook account of this American Idol semifinalist.

Tyler Grady Photo

Those aren't her hands on her boobs! The horror!

But here's the good news for Ramiele Malubay:

Last season, Antonella Barba pretty much made any photo that could be leaked of an American Idol contestant harmless by comparison.

Unless other pics of Ramiele, on her knees with her mouth full, come out soon, she ought to be just fine.


whats the big deal. its not racy.
racy is slutty dressing. or boob popping out.


their hands weren't really touching her boobs,,, look closer... it's not that bad... my friends make such pics and theyre not like hookers or something


Go ramille Go!!!!! Marry me...... i think youre sweet,,,, and then again you are really HOT!!!!!


what's scandalous about this? isn't it so obvious that these are taken just for fun... hmmm... people doing this to make ramiele look bad are just jealous! yeah.. right! jealous!! and hey... and why do you think is she going to post these pics if it is sooooo scandalous? helluuuuurrrr.... wake up! to ramiele! you go girl.. we love you just the way you are... just show them what you've got! MABUHAY KA PILIPINA!!!!


to all filipinos and asians out there, just keep on voting for Ramielle. Jasmin Trias almost made it before. This season will be ours. Let's show the world what we can do.


We still love and support you.... you are a real pride to the Filipinos all over the world..... Congratulations for making it in the top twelve.... more power and God Bless you!!!


goo! ramielle, hope ul gona win!


It's called messing around. They were just having fun, and it could very well be fake. You people put way too much pressure on these kids, they don't need any more!


duhrrr.....those were just guly stuff..they're just having fun...that not a scandal or wat ever..


malubay is a great singer and no one should judge her bout what shes doing 4me shes a great singer and 4 nowa days it does not mean anything just girlstuffs...............

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