Ramiele Malubay: The Next Antonella Barba?

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There's bad news for Ramiele Malubay and there's good news for Ramiele Malubay.

The following, slightly scandalous photo has been uncovered from the Facebook account of this American Idol semifinalist.

Tyler Grady Photo

Those aren't her hands on her boobs! The horror!

But here's the good news for Ramiele Malubay:

Last season, Antonella Barba pretty much made any photo that could be leaked of an American Idol contestant harmless by comparison.

Unless other pics of Ramiele, on her knees with her mouth full, come out soon, she ought to be just fine.


i dont think ramielle can do that!!! i think its simon!!! hahaha just joking!!


people are dumb! Ramiele's just having fun with her friends. that's it! LOL


What's d big deal! obviously they're just having fun.... marami lng tlaga ang mga nag-oover reacting... GO ramielle!


Ramiele looks great...she has a slut like look!


no biggy. these are just girls fooling around in front of a camera. nothing serious...sheesh.


tang ina, wala naman palang kawenta wenta, anu ba namang iskandaloso dun. mga kano talaga mahilig din magpalaki ng isyu, mga buset. mabuhay ka ramille.


its a FAKE!!! The one who put this pic is just jealous of ramielle.. Don't worry Ramielle,,we Filipinos are here to support you till the end.. Go Ramielle!!!


wtf, you guys have to be kidding you think is really that bad!!!!!


That is a big JOKE! You guys have to be kidding!
Get a life...


LEAVE RAMIELE ALONE. like everyone does this. & if you dont, go get a life. all you can do is talk about ramiele and this picture. like everyone who even has a facebook prolly even has a picture just like this one. so this is not news to anyone, maybe to whoever published this. SO KEEP ON VOTING FOR RAMIELE MALUBAY, COZ WE KNOW SHE CAN MAKE IT FAR !

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