Ramiele Malubay: The Next Antonella Barba?

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There's bad news for Ramiele Malubay and there's good news for Ramiele Malubay.

The following, slightly scandalous photo has been uncovered from the Facebook account of this American Idol semifinalist.

Tyler Grady Photo

Those aren't her hands on her boobs! The horror!

But here's the good news for Ramiele Malubay:

Last season, Antonella Barba pretty much made any photo that could be leaked of an American Idol contestant harmless by comparison.

Unless other pics of Ramiele, on her knees with her mouth full, come out soon, she ought to be just fine.


The music industry is VERY VERY HYPOCRITICAL, to consider a female singer to have a "sexual scandal" to be a bad thing, but as soon as they get a record deal and turn 20 years old, suddenly they want to convert these girls into x rated sex objects (Chrsitina Aguilera's "Dirty", anybody?) Such hypocrites!! American Idol isnt a fricking presidential race, it's a singing contest...for them trying to have a squeaky clean image, and then turn around and send these people into the VERY UN-SQUEAKY music biz........ Here's the deal...if FOX wants a scandal free life for these singers, they need to create "The American Idol Record Label" and sign EVERY FORMER IDOL CONTESTANT and ALL WINNERS to their own label, and then the image of their singers can be controlled by FOX for the rest of their careers.....HYPOCRITES!!


Is this even a scandal? I have girlfriends that do stuff like this all the time. I was always under the impression that it was normal. Little did I know I was hanging out with all these scandilous women!!!


She has breasts?


Does anyone think that it is possible that she is not really singing in her performances? Her performances a bit Milli Vanilliesque? Last weeks performance sounded like she was singing along with the song sort of as you would the radio She gives consistent sub par performances but is never in the bottom three. Also, if you notice last week's intro where Brook White sang over her part in the song? This might have been Brook covering for a technical difficulty or just Ramielle's inability to sing. I'm just curious if anyone else has noticed this. Possibly an American Idol conspiracy?


OhGosh!! they think this is a bad thing! Oh come on, people do this all the time. It's what gurls do!!Geez, yu guys really need to understand that this is just a missunderstanding and that yu haters out there really need to get a LIFE!!! i mean taking pictures like these doesn't make her a Wannabe. So What?! she is a proud Filipina who loves her body. Watevr....I think that she is a very taleted singer nd I believe that she will win American Idol and do great, inspiring things in her life. She's already an Idol to all girls out there. I am very proud of her.


ramielle is very very talented and is almost as good as carrie u. do u guys like carrie! i am goin 2 her concert!


i still think she is an good singer and is pretty. she should win american idol


i don't think that this was taken w/out her knowldege,,,,, its taken just for fun w/ her friends.... nothing's scandalous with that pic......


OMG it's not even that bad!
my goodness. She's just havin' a good time.
ohhh big deall.
give me a break


its not ramielle!!its me, just want to say good luck and hope ramielle win!!

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