Ramiele Malubay: The Next Antonella Barba?

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There's bad news for Ramiele Malubay and there's good news for Ramiele Malubay.

The following, slightly scandalous photo has been uncovered from the Facebook account of this American Idol semifinalist.

Tyler Grady Photo

Those aren't her hands on her boobs! The horror!

But here's the good news for Ramiele Malubay:

Last season, Antonella Barba pretty much made any photo that could be leaked of an American Idol contestant harmless by comparison.

Unless other pics of Ramiele, on her knees with her mouth full, come out soon, she ought to be just fine.

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seriously? scandal? this site is probably just getting desperate for stuff to write about...


ramielle, siguro ang sarap mong kantutin...tingin ko ang tambok ng puke mo..ang sarap dilaan..hmm..yum yum


duh.. as if no one likes to goof off in front of the camera... its just normal, nothing scandalous about this stuff....


ramiele cant be the next antonella barba. i saw a photo of antonella barba naked but blurred and i dont mind about ramiele's scandal but antonella's makes a big deal


Hoy gagO! hindi ito scandal. ikaw ang scandal! putang ina mo! pekyu!GAGO!


ano ba kayo? hindi scandal yan. para peke nga e..si ramielle? hahayaang gagawin to ng mga kaibigan niya! No Way! Mabuhay ka, Remielle!


it's a very innocent and cute pix and not scandalous!!! just having fun with her friends


Ramiele Malubay click her name above or click this link: www.ramieleofficial.com for a chance to win $25 worth of Ramiele ITunes :)


Oh my god. You have to be kidding. You call this a scandal? Is this how you get people to read your columns, and to make remarks like you did about a young girl? Mouth full? This looks like a bunch of kids having a laugh to me. If it is her, she may not even be 18 in that picture. Come people, get a life.


this is a funny but ridiculous column. is this wat u call a scandal? C'MON! this is pure girl stuff and there's nothing "RACY" in this pic. im thinkin that the author of this column didn't even enjoy his junior high, haha! hey author! i think u're the "TEENAGE DIRTBAG" on u're batch in highschool! better make ur comments constructive bec. it only reflects how arrogant and s2pid u r! LOSER!