Presenting... Heidi Montag's New Music Video!

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Okay, we know we did a post on this music video Friday, and another a few weeks before that, but we have to revisit the topic once again.

Heidi Montag has released her new song, "Higher." Before we post the video below, a few remarks from The Hollywood Gossip staff ...

Heidi Blaire Montag
  • How hilarious is it that YouTube requires age verification (18) before it will let you watch this romp on the beach!?
  • How hilarious is it that Spencer Pratt directed this?!
  • The casual observer might think Heidi Montag is a very hot girl, however, knowing every body part is fake (lips, boobs, nose) kills it for us.
  • Heidi Montag is trying so hard to look natural with her poses and facial expressions that one can't help but laugh (this is up there with I Know Who Killed Me on the unintentional comedy scale).
  • We're pretty sure that's not her singing.

Alright, we now present Heidi Montag's new music video:



Please, please, please tell me that this girl is gonna give up. I mean, other than her retardo bf Pratt, who would think this constitutes a music video. She can't sing, I mean that is obvious, but she can't even lip sync well. UGH! Those two need to crawl under a rock and never come back up for air.


okay first off, this looks like an intro to a really horrible porno.
second, this isn't her singing and who ever it is sucks.
and third, just stop.
i'm disappointed.


This video is redunkulous! Is this a joke? Not just that she looks like she has giant ape hands and she's so awkward. Who in there right mind thought this was a good idea?


Hahaha, those spider-monkey fingers add a real touch of class... Bravo!


This is all a joke right? They really can't think that she's a good singer.


barbie dance! barbie sing! barbie frolic!
pretty amazing for a big piece of plastic
do us all a favour and don't give these morons any more money or press time and save it for the people who have ...what's that called? oh yeah, TALENT. SUBSTANCE.


Oh Good Lord! That Is Fowl!!! It Looks Like A Piss Take, As Well As A Complete And Utter Joke. Ahhh It's So Cringy. How Hidious.


please, heidi, come on now--open your eyes girl.spencer is no good, no good for you, well, really no good for anyone. have you ever watched "THE HILLS"..??HONEY EVERYONE is laughing or crying..i was so happy when you told spenc that the wedding was off and you went home..please stay there--away from him..he's no good. you need your real friends back..your girlfriends.i have been so curious on how does spence make money--he sure doesn't work... and little one keep your mouth closed--if you think it looks sexy when you have it opened all the time--well you are dead wrong..think,think,think. good luck to you.. a fan. karen


Even with the fake boobs, lips, etc, Heidi looks pretty darn ugly and I would consider having sex with a monkey before doing it with her. I'm glad she released it cause it's giving us a really good laugh. I just hope that she doesn't keep making herself look like a complete idiot along with her manager/boyfriend.


who told her to do that with her hands lol??


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