Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears Hosts Super Bowl Bash!

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Again, file this one into the "Probably Not True But Funny Celebrity Gossip You Should Read For Entertainment Purposes" category.

Star Magazine needs to start signing some of its writers to contracts to write novels, because some of the stuff they make up is great.

Spears Double Wedding!

With her mother, Lynne Spears, in L.A. to be near Britney (who's getting treatment at the UCLA psych ward for bipolar disorder), Jamie Lynn Spears supposedly took advantage of her freedom and threw a Super Bowl party!

The pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge, the boy she says is her baby's father, had a bunch of friends over to "Serenity," her mother Lynne's Kentwood, La., mansion, for an impromptu bash! With booze!

Casey Aldridge and Jamie Lynn Spears: Pregnant and partying?

Shortly after 2:00 p.m. on February 3, a Jeep SUV with Ole Miss University and Delta Delta Delta sorority decals on the window pulled up to the gates and five college age women got out. Gotta pre-game early!

"They were all laughing. They looked really happy and excited to be at the house, like they hadn't seen Jamie Lynn in a while," says a witness.

Earlier, the Zoey 101 star (Jamie Lynn Spears' baby bump was kept hidden under a baggy sweatshirt) drove with Casey Aldridge to Wal-Mart.

Not the one close by in Amite, La., but the one 35 minutes away in McComb, Miss., where Britney Spears was born. Why the mini-road trip?

The McComb store sells alcohol on Sundays.

"Maybe one of them has a fake ID," a source says.

Mmm hmm. Maybe Jamie Lynn Spearsis going to run away to Los Angeles and live with her dad, Jamie Spears, too. Or not.


People it's ok that she's pregnat.Eveery girl gets pregnet if she wants. Well I'm sure she'll be an AWSOME mom well she ROCKS from Jenny Hoening


thats funny because there is no god. that had nothing to do with her getting pregnant.


I thought you were breaking up with your boyfriend casey. are you going to marry him at 17? girl you are wierd.can't wait to see the baby girl. what ar4e you naming her.


okay don't worry about her being pregnant look at any state in the US i'll bet there are millions of people who are under 18 and pregnant. i met a girl the other day, she was 14 and had her first kid!
and i dont see her on here!
don't worry bout it hun!
keep your head up. hollywood gossip is stupid!


this is not true


who is to judge you because your pregnant at the age of 16???nobody but god!!!!so dont let any one get you down because your a human to and every body make mistakes just dont let your mistakes weigh you down.i mean what makes you so different because your a hollywood star???mmm..i dont think that makes you any different your not the only last or first toget pregnantr at the age of 16 its other young girls that get pregnant around this age sometimes younger!!!but yeah but thier just judgin you because your a a star but dont let them get you down sunshine!!keep your head up!!!!

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