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Can any of the female American Idol contestants equal the awe-inspiring performance of David Archuleta last night? It seems unlikely.

But we can't wait to see Asiah Epperson, Carly Smithson and company try tonight.

Here are thumbnails of each of the remaining 10 semifinalists on the women's side of American Idol. Click on them now for larger versions - and be sure to visit The Hollywood Gossip tomorrow for a wrap up of their auditions...

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WARNING: The Hills spoilers below!

Lauren Conrad and The Hills return with eight all-new season three episodes on March 24, 2008. A two-minute trailer for the new episodes appears below and ... OMG, WTF! Some of the $h!t in there is totally off the chain.

Audrina, Heidi and Kristin Filming

Peep it ...


Looks like fans of The Hills can look forward to:

  • Heidi kicking Spencer's ass out of the apartment
  • BFF Lo (Lauren Bosworth) moving in with LC & Audrina
  • The return of dirtball Justin-Bobby (a.k.a. Justin Brescia)
  • Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port going on their work trip to Paris and meeting some French guys who look sort of gross
  • LC and Whitney parting ways with employer Teen Vogue
  • Brody Jenner getting a new girlfriend (Cora Skinner)
  • The return of Stephanie Pratt - who apparently befriends Lauren Conrad and incurs the wrath of Spencer Pratt for doing so!

We'll be counting down the days until March 24, and will share with you any more Hills spoilers and gossip we come across between now and then.

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We can't say we're big fans of the bathing suit Megan Fox is wearing for this retro photo spread in Allure magazine.

But we can say we're big fans of this gorgeous actress.

Megan Fox is Alluring

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Presidential candidate Barack Obama invited Us Weekly to join his campaign for a day. He revealed that his young daughters think Britney and Paris are "yuck" and offered some unique insight into the wonderful world of celebrity news.

Here are some excepts:

Us: How familiar are you with Us Weekly?
Barack Obama: My wife (Michelle Obama) reads it.

Us: Do your daughters (Sasha and Malia) ever ask about Britney Spears?
Barack Obama: Actually, yeah. But they're very sensible. They're pretty down on Britney and Paris and all of that. They think that's very "yuck." They're way more into Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) and Beyonce. They got to go backstage and meet Beyonce and they just love her to death.

Barack Obama can talk celebrity gossip as well as international affairs.

Us: Your supporters include Oprah Winfrey. Ever been starstruck?
Barack Obama: I don't really get starstruck. Everyone I've met has been very nice and friendly, like Kal Penn. During the writers' strike, he was like a staffer! And Scarlett Johansson has been traveling a lot. George Clooney is a good friend. He and I worked on Darfur issues together. I'm always impressed by people who do their homework... and use their celebrity to advocate for issues. George does that just about as well as anyone I know.

Us: So, boxers or briefs? Bill Clinton said he wore boxers** in a 1992 interview with MTV.
Barack Obama: I don't answer those humiliating questions. But whichever one it is, I look good in 'em!

** - The 42nd president did not specify whether he meant around his ankles. Airrrrrrballllll...

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Seriously, the Dawson's Creek hotness days are long gone. Just sayin'.

But on to the pregnancy rumor surrounding possessed actress Katie Holmes.

Fashion Police: Pull Over!

Suri Cruise may be running with Jayden James Federline in The Hollywood Gossip presidential primary, but according to reports, Suri won't be getting a little brother or sister anytime soon in real life.

"She's not pregnant," Katie Holmes' rep said in response to OK! Magazine's new cover story which asks whether the actress, 29, is expecting.

Way to go, OK! Magazine. Those guys lie more than Roger Clemens.

The fabulously frumpy Katie Holmes is not with child.

The celebrity gossip magazine quotes a source as saying:

"She has that special glow that only pregnant women have. I would say there is a strong possibility that she's pregnant."

When asked if she wants more kids recently, Katie Holmes told Entertainment Tonight, "Yes, definitely."

How's that for hard evidence? OK!, lately you're anything but.

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The life of Roger Clemens isn't getting any easier.

The Cy Young-winning pitcher, who is under investigation for lying to Congress about steroid use, looks to also have been tapping the same ass as Paulie Bleaker.

What will Debbie Clemens say about her husband knocking up young Juno?

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On American Idol last night, Robbie Carrico was pretty much called a fraud by Randy Jackson. The show's resident dawg of a judge referred to Carrico's attempt to rock out with:

I don't know if the rock thing is really, really your thing... [Your voice] doesn't have enough grunt to really be like a rock voice...

We can only imagine, therefore, how Jackson would respond to this news about Robbie's attempt to be a hardcore rocker: he wears a wig!

According to TMZ, American Idol staffers are well aware of the fact that Carrico's long mane is as fake as Heidi Montag's breasts. There's just not much they can do or say about it.

In the end, a case of Robbie wigging out should have been expected long ago: he used to date Britney Spears.

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The nation's housing market and mortgage woes continue to swell.

These disturbing trends have left everyone - CEOs, the Federal Reserve, George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and so many more - wondering how to avert an escalating crisis that threatens the very fabric of our economy.

Like so many Americans, Michael Jackson has been hampered in recent months by rising interest rates and increasing house payments. It's tragic.

The Associated Press reports that the self-proclaimed King of Pop's famed Neverland Ranch may soon be hitting the auction block.

The 2,500-acre Santa Barbara, Calif., estate will be up for sale if Jacko doesn't pay $24 million in back California home loan payments.

Even Michael Jackson can't escape the nation's credit crunch.

Of course, this is a man who burns through money 10 times faster than Britney Spears, which is saying something. Could have a little to do with it.

Financial Title Co. filed the notice of trustee's sale in Santa Barbara County Superior Court on Tuesday. An auction date is set for March 19.

To think, the location of so many sordid trysts with minors could be all yours. Also up for grabs - the home's furnishings and items on the property.

If Neverland Ranch hits the auction block, it could carry a price tag even higher than the $24 million owed, due to interest and other costs.

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A federal judge ruled the U.S. Courts have no business in Britney Spears' conservatorship case and kicked it back to California state court.

Federal District Judge Philip Gutierrez ruled that Jon Eardley, the N.Y. lawyer who claimed to represent Britney Spears, but who we think is working with Sam Lutfi, "had no authority to remove the case from state court."

The judge added:

"Mr. Eardley is not Ms. Spears attorney and acted improperly by removing her conservatorship proceeding to federal court."

The challenge to Britney Spears' conservatorship case was struck down.

The court did not award Spears' conservatorship - Britney's father, Jamie Spears, and his attorney, Andrew Wallet - attorneys fees, which they sought.

This means it will cost Britney around $40,000 in legal bills for what turned out to be a bogus case, but then again, she makes like $730,000 a month.

She'll live. Fortunately, thanks to her father and brother, Bryan Spears, stepping in of late, she'll live more normally minus bottom-feeders like Sam.

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