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With the daily drama that is Britney Spears, we haven't seen or heard from Sean Preston Federline or Jayden James Federline in quite a while.

Except for, you know, that time Britney locked herself in the can with Jayden during an intense, three-hour police standoff at her estate.


For the most part, though, the two boys have been kept out of the spotlight - a refreshing change from the days when Britney actually had custody.

Here's a cute photo of Kevin Federline and Sean Preston Federline, age 2, just enjoying being together at his home in Tarzana, Calif. Makes us smile.

Kevin Federline and son Sean Preston share a happy moment.

Like all of us, K-Fed is worried and hopeful for Britney Spears, and is hoping she gets the help she needs for her mental problems, so she can be part of Sean and Jayden's life down the road. For now, the hospital is the best place for her.

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Rhys Ifans may be nuttier than Britney Spears.

While seemingly impossible, consider the recent actions of the scarcely known actor: he's asked for Sienna Miller's hand in marriage.

According to the UK's Daily Mail, Ifans "is fed up with all the secrecy around their relationship and wants to make it a permanent thing... he has asked Sienna to marry him and it's the last time he will ask. He wants everyone to know they are officially an item."

Wow, an ultimatum. Ifans must have gone to the Hank Steinbrenner school of proposals.

Perhaps proving that she's learned a lesson from her mess of a relationship with Jude Law, though, Miller is trying to keep things slow and steady.

"Sienna has yet to make a decision and Rhys can't understand why," the newspaper's source said. "Sienna's always trying to avoid the official relationship topic and is happy to keep it a low-profile affair."

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Milo Ventimiglia wraps his arms around a trio of Playboy bunnies at the men's magazine's Super Saturday Night party in Chandler, Ariz., February 2.

The actor's face says it all. He can't believe he got himself into this position. The booze, the hot chicks ... he just got carried away! Now he's screwed!

Milo Picture

Stuck in front of the camera, Milo has to be praying his young girlfriend doesn't see this photo. Now that's a Heroes spoiler that wouldn't go over well!

Don't worry, Milo. We won't tell Hayden Panettiere. Promise, dog.

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Or the box office, at least.

Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour earned over $29 million in theaters this weekend, an astounding figure considering the movie was only shown on 683 screens nationwide.


The film more than doubled the revenue of the second place finisher, Jessica Alba's awful-looking horror flick, The Eye.

Miley Cyrus is getting the last laugh in her racy picture scandal. She's guffawing all the way to the bank!

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The Hills' Lauren Conrad was spotted at LAX late last night, returning home from the Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona, won by the New York Giants, 17-14, over the New England Patriots. What an amazing girl... er, upset!

LC the Beauty

Somebody needs to get Lauren Conrad a New York Giants: Super Bowl XLII Champions hat, but hers is still pretty cool... and she looks quite cute in it.

In addition to her commemorative hat, Lauren Conrad was dressed in a black shirt, jeans, and a hip, vintage-looking brown leather coat. Hot stuff!

Rumor has it that LC will be flying out to New York City for the remainder of fashion week, seeing as she got a new job this week!

Lauren Conrad and her friend / co-worker Whitney Port are now apparently with the PR firm People's Revolution and will be on hand in NYC.

The big game wasn't the only big event Lauren Conrad took in over the weekend. Below is a picture of the star and BFF Audrina Patridge hanging out with Hugh Hefner and Bridget Marquardt at Playboy's Super Saturday Night party...

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As we reported last week, Monday is shaping up to be an all-out war in the Britney Spears case. Over control of the singer herself, that is.

Lawyers for Spears will try to convince a judge that she feels hatred and doesn't trust her dad, and wants him removed as co-conservator.

As per a court order, Jamie Spears was awarded joint legal control (along with Lynne Spears) of Britney's medical decisions, finances and more.

Here's the way it's gone down this weekend, according to TMZ:

Yesterday, a lawyer for Trope and Trope (Britney's divorce / custody attorneys) went to UCLA to visit. After being there a short time, one of the UCLA doctors asked the attorney to leave, because the co-conservators objected to the visit.

Trope and Trope will appear in court today with attorney Adam Streisand, who specializes in estate law, to ask that the co-conservators be removed.

Brit's attorneys will argue that Jamie Spears in particular is unable to act in this role, since Britney hates him, and Britney badly wants him out.

Sources say the firm will not object to a conservatorship for Britney Spears, but they will ask that a different conservator be appointed.

Rumor has it that the firm holds Sam Lutfi in high regard and has enjoyed a good relationship (!?) with him. Suffice it to say, Jamie Spears does not.

Here's where it gets tricky for both Jamie Spears and the firm:

Britney Spears has expressed hatred towards her father - that, we know. Yet sources say she asked that both of her parents be at her bedside.

That could create problems for Trope and Trope firm when they go to court tomorrow and ask that Jamie Spears be 86'd as conservator.

Britney is bipolar and has wild mood swings. She can love someone and hate them in the same hour. So how can they prove she hates Jamie?

However, Britney has expressed deep animus toward her dad for a long time and to many people. Trope and Trope is putting together witnesses who will try and convince a judge that the troubled singer's hatred and distrust of her parents is not only very genuine but consistent over time. So, stay tuned...

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How's this for some disturbing imagery? Worse than some of last night's Super Bowl commercials - or the game itself if you're a New England Patriots fan.

Amy Winehouse was out in London today "taking a break" from rehab. They let you do that, apparently. Regardless, check out her getup...

Blake and Amy

Amy Winehouse gives the whole French maid thing a try.

The singer was with her father, Mitch Winehouse, so hopefully this was just a temporary trip out, and she's heading back to the detox facility.


Maybe she's picked up a temp job cleaning flats in London, or was just headed for a conjugal visit with Blake Fielder-Civil - if you know what we mean!

Sorry, we'll move on now.

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As we prepare for the fourth week of American Idol auditions, it seems like a good time to break out our second Power Poll of the season.

With six solid episodes under our belt, here's how The Hollywood Gossip staff ranks this year's early contenders:

1) Kristy Lee Cook: Gorgeous Oregonian's "Amazing Grace" was highlight of the opening three weeks - but will fans revolt against her one-time record deal with Arista Nashville?

2) Michael Johns: Also referred to as "Michael Lee Johns," the former band member once had a deal with Madonna's music label, but a professional background is par for this year's American Idol course. The Aussie made a strong impression with a tight T-shirt, toned biceps, and a solid Otis Redding cover.

3) David Archuleta: Former Star Search winner has the sympathy vote locked up: he struggled with a paralyzed vocal chord as a child. This year's Sanjaya Malakar… with talent?

4) Samantha Sidley (pictured, new this week): Young beauty played along when Ryan Seacrest and Paula Abdul swapped duties during her audition. She proceeded to deliver a restrained, lovely version of ''Don't Know Why.''

5) Carly Smithson: Another American Idol hopeful with prior experience â€" she crashed and burned in her major-label debut as Carly Hennessy a few years back â€" this tattooed Irishwoman displayed great range on "I'm Every Woman."

6) David Cook (new this week): If you cover Bon Jovi during an audition like Cook did, we'll give you props. This is another Chris Daughtry-type, who hopes to become the first rocker to win American Idol.

7) Colton Swon: We liked his impressive take on Little Big Town's "Boondocks" and are excited about the rumor that he plays the guitar during the Hollywood round.

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Some fans may remember Super Bowl XLII as an historic football game that saw one of the greatest upsets in professional sports history.

Others may not be able to tell you who won on the field, but they can rattle of a list of the best and worst Super Bowl commercials from the evening. To wit:

Lamest: Why not just stick with attractive WWE Diva Candice Michelle as your spokeswoman? Instead, the company pretended to give us a shot of Danica Patrick - who really should focus on winning a race instead of being a sex symbol - doing a striptease... only to resort to the tactic of telling viewers to go to its website in order to see more.

Right. Because Danica Patrick nude photos were surely all the rage there...


Most Inspired: Budweiser. When the Rocky music started to blare during this funny ad, which depicted a rejected Clydesdale being trained by a Dalmation, it took all our might not to pump out a few one-handed push-ups.


Funniest: The first E*Trade ad of the night that featured a talking baby was more gross than humorous. Vomit never sells. But the following commercial, focusing on the same child discussing the error of his clown-hiring ways, made us laugh harder than New Yorkers at Boston fans who thought they were special...


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Here's the only shred of good news for the Patriots, following their stunning loss to the Giants in Super Bowl XLII last night: the team didn't put on the worst performances of the evening.

That dishonor would fall to American Idol judge Paula Abdul.

New American Idol Judges

The washed up singer lip synched her way through "Dance Like There No Tomorrow," as fellow judge Randy Jackson blasted away on bass in the background.

All of a sudden, Britney Spears at the MTV Video Music Awards can hold her head up a little higher...


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