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Chatting about celebrity gossip with Us Weekly, doing the talk show circuit - this guy actually makes running for president look like fun!

Crediting his previous appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show - in which he famously danced with the funny host - for his poll numbers shooting through the roof, Barack Obama did not showcase his dance moves again yesterday.

Obama Shirtless

But the Illinois senator did talk with Ellen about how his wife, Michelle Obama, is making him quit smoking, how he respects Sen. Hillary Clinton, what he would do on his first day in the Oval Office and much more.

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What happens to skanks who can't sing or act? They pose provocatively on the cover of unheard of magazines.

Yesterday, it was Lindsay Lohan and Paper.

This Is Paris

Now, Paris Hilton is a 944 cover girl.

We assume the name of this publication stands for the number of times Paris has taken off her clothes for attention. Or the number of guys she slept with last week. Or the number of drinks brother Barron Hilton consumes before getting behind a wheel most nights...

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At least Robbie Carrico has more time now to read about Britney Spears news.

The ex-boyfriend of that troubled singer was one of four American Idol contestants voted off the show last night. Viewers never bought Carrico's transformation from boy band singer to hard rocker.

Fans also gave the boot to Alaina Whitaker, Jason Yeager and Alex Lushington. When Whitaker (pictured below) heard her name called, she let out a loud cry.

"Sorry, this is so embarrassing," she told host Ryan Seacrest, who consoled her with a hug.

Alaina Whitaker isn't part of the final 16 on American Idol. David Archuleta, Michael Johns and Brooke White certainly are, however.

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Nicole Richie has been offered the lead role of Roxie Hart in the Broadway production of Chicago, which says a lot about Chicago's standards.

Richie, 26, who welcomed daughter Harlow Madden with boyfriend Joel Madden on January 12, is undecided as to whether she'll accept.

"She is definitely interested and weighing it out with the timing of the baby," a Richie pal tells Us Weekly. "It is in the super early stages of discussions and no decision has been made yet."

"It would give her a reason to really show her talent and to stay in the new place in New York [Joel Madden] just got," the source says.

"It also shows people are really excited about Nicole right now."

Nicole has talent? People are excited by it? Where the heck have we been?

Whatever Nicole Richie's decision, this year will be big for the new mom.

"Nicole is also weighing some other amazing offers but 2008 is going to be really exciting for her," the source says. "She's just trying to work it all out and keeping Harlow in mind with everything she does, of course!"

If she turns it down, Chicago, perhaps Britney Spears is available...

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Proud papa Jamie Spears has been praised left and right for getting daughter Britney Spears back on the right track. But she's got a long way to go.

Case in point? Earlier this month, when the pop star was her typical c-r-a-z-y self with an insane and unusual request at her favorite L.A. boutique.

According to the New York Daily News, Spears puzzled staff at the Betsey Johnson on Melrose Ave. by turning up with a Dolce & Gabbana dress she wanted the store to copy stitch for stitch - in all white - to be ready that evening.

Ding dang, Britney Spears has been battlin' her some mental problems.

According to a source, "the staff explained to [Britney Spears] that they didn't have a dressmaker on call who could do it in time."

Never mind that the frock she wanted copied wasn't even their label.

"The only thing she wanted to buy in the store was the yellow wig on a mannequin in the window," laughs the source.

"The manager eventually agreed to offer it to her for $100."

OMG, How nuts is this girl? Sound off in our Britney Spears forum!

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Not that way, guys. Go take a cold shower and calm yourselves.

Hayden Panettiere is opening up about why she ended her romance with Laguna Beach alumnus and Hollywood's Junior Varsity man-slut, Stephen Colletti.

Hot Hayden Panettiere Picture

"I just knew I wanted to breathe," Panettiere, 18, says in the April issue of Seventeen magazine. "I wanted to be single at the time."

Of the need to take time for just her, she said: "It just hit me like a ton of bricks: This is the time I need to be with myself. It takes such a secure person to be with someone like me ... it takes so much confidence; it takes so much trust."

Ouch. So Stephen Colletti is neither confident or trustworthy? Dude did two-time Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari, of course. Just sayin'.

At least Hayden found a new love right away: marine mammals.

A warrant was issued for her arrest in Japan after she interfered in a dolphin hunt last year. Hayden was undeterred by the violent protest.

"There's very little that scares me," the actress tells Seventeen.

Hayden Panettiere doesn't apologize for being so outspoken.

"I've always been a physical person. I feel like a lot of time in this industry, a lot of people loan their face to a cause, which is great, but it doesn't do as much as getting out there and actually physically doing something."

"I don't need to prove myself to anyone," she says. "I'm not that kind of person. I know myself much better now than I did [before], and my opinions of things and my morals - I am not as easily swayed as I used to be."

"When you learn to accept yourself, learn to be okay with yourself and know yourself, the easier it is to love somebody and allow them to love you."

What a strong young woman this beauty is. Amen to that, Hayden Panettiere. She's currently dating Heroes co-star Milo Ventimiglia. Lucky stiff.

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A possibly-funny, possibly-bitter Hillary Clinton actually cited last weekend's SNL skit at the onset of this week's debate with Barack Obama in Ohio.

"In the last several debates, I seem to get the first question all the time," the New York Senator said. "I don't mind. I'll be happy to field it. I just find it curious if anybody saw Saturday Night Live ... maybe we should ask [Barack Obama] if he's comfortable and needs another pillow."

Obama and College Student

Here's the terrific Saturday Night Live skit in question, featuring cast members Fred Armisen as Obama and Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton...

Saturday Night Live head honcho Lorne Michaels requested another skit featuring Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to open the program this week.

With Ellen Page hosting, the Juno star might play Chelsea Clinton.

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Readers' comments on the recent Zac Efron gay photo scandal have ranged from disbelief to denial, from outrage to utter shock.

We don't know for certain if the High School Musical star is gay, but a shirtless Zac Efron kissing another male is definitely bi-curious.

Efron Picture

Which we have no problem with. People lead their own personal lives, make their own choices and shouldn't have to defend them. No one can define love for anyone else. We respect all celebrities' ethnic backgrounds and sexual orientations.

So if Zac Efron isn't ready to come out just yet - and is merely giving "friend love" as one reader suggests - good for him. No one should be outed before they are ready. Do your thing, Zac, and take your time. We love you always.

Hopefully this new poster inspires fans to support him no matter what ...

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Many believe people Amanda Overmyer's hairstyle is a crime.

But it's nothing compared to the actual crime committed by this American Idol semifinalist: celebrity gossip site TMZ is reporting that Overmyer was arrested for DUI in October 2006.

That's just dangerous and irresponsible. Here's Amanda's mug shot:

Amanda Overmyer Mug Shot

The booking photo of Amanda Overmyer is a bit grainy. But check out clearer, crazier, more entertaining celebrity mug shots right now in our gallery full of them.

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