One Bitch, 17 Dogs: Paris Hilton's Pet Problem

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Barron Hilton has a drunk driving problem.

And we've now learned that Paris Hilton has a pet problem.

The Los Angeles Department of Animal Services visited the socialite's home earlier this week to investigate a complaint about her owning 17 dogs, reports.

According to those pesky laws that Paris hates to follow, a non-breeder in Los Angeles may only own three dogs per address.

Earlier this week, on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Hilton admitted she owned all the pooches: "I have 17 dogs â€" lots," she said. "They all sleep in my bed - well, not all of them, but I let some of them."

If that's the case, it must be incredibly crowded between Paris' sheets. Do the dogs force Stavros Niarchos to sleep on the floor?


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That is excessive to have 17 dogs but it's not like she doesn't have the money or space to support them. It's worst to have multiple kids and not support them, but people get away with that! Leave Paris alone..


Why is anyone reporting on this empty-headed, spoiled, worthless bitch? She should be fined and the dogs should be removed from her home. She's not special -- laws DO apply to her, too.


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