Nooooooo... Mischa Barton May Join Cast of Gossip Girl

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We're not saying that there were high-fives exchanged and champagne corks flying around this very office when Mischa Barton's character was killed off The OC, but, well... okay, there were. It was the best day in TV history.

Maybe that's taking it a bit far. But let's just say we're not entirely thrilled by recent rumors of Mischa Barton joining the cast of Gossip Girl.

Happy Mischa

TV Guide's Michael Ausiello reports that the rumor of Barton being offered a role are true, but what isn't 100 percent is whether or not a deal will be struck for her to play the recurring role of Georgina Sparks.

No relation to Jordin Sparks, Georgina is reportedly an evil girl who brings the checkered past of Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) into her present.

Will Mischa Barton (left) and Blake Lively become rivals on Gossip Girl?

Executive producer Josh Schwartz, of course, killed Barton off of The OC, and how runs the new CW hit series. Apparently, that and the recent DUI and drug charges against the anorexic waif haven't dissuaded him from this move.

So what do you think, celebrity news readers? Will Barton fit in with the Gossip Girl girls and guys? Or is the show better off with lesser-known stars?

UPDATE: Mischa Barton's rep tells Us Weekly that the deal is off: "She will not be on the show. She was approached, but her reps passed." Don't get us wrong. We're happy she bailed on this. But she could've let the idea fester for a day or two ... let us chew on it, unlike what she does with food. ZING!


Perfect work!


mischa is such a doll. love her


I think she is OK!Long as,she is just as a guest star.


i dont understand why her charactor was killed off on the OC coz it just wreacks the whole show!!! I don't mind her being on Gossip girl as long as her charactor isn't to main and she leaves before they finish gossipgirl!


I personally haven't seen any of her works besides The Six Sense. However, I've heard critical acclaim (both good and bad) about her on the O.C. To me, she looks pretty, and would fit well in the Gossip Girl world. I wouldn't mind seeing her as a guest star in a few episodes here and there.


I would just like to announce that Mischa is actually a great actress. Why? I actaully WATCHED HER FILM AT SUNDANCE and she was awesome. She was the cool girl with dark and quirky edge. She pulled it off splendidly.


K.P, you need to shutup now. No one wants to listen to you. Especially me. Mischa is for one, more stunning than the rest of the chicks on this show combined. Seriously, I saw her in a fashion ad for an Italian designer and she was smokin. Her eyes draw you in. Secondly, Mischa made The OC and I don't think she'll go on to this stupid teen show. She's doing a ton of movies right now. She should stick to that.


I can't stand Mischa Barton, she's the whole reason I stopped watching the OC, she ruined that show and she will ruin Gossip Girl. Don't DO IT!!!!!


When Marissa was killed off of the OC I didnt watch after that......c'mon, her character was the whole show. BUT her coming to Gossip Girl would kind of ruin it. All of the actors on the show are coming into their own and making names for themselves. With Mischa on, she would bring kind of a negative vibe to the show. I dont think the show would be as credible. She needs to go find something else, the show is fine with who they have. ♥


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