Michelle Williams Speaks on Death of Heath Ledger

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Michelle Williams has spoken out publicly for the first time since her ex-fiance, Heath Ledger, tragically passed away in his apartment January 22.

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    I still miss Heath today and i cannot get over how Matilda looks so much like him. She is a beautiful little girl and Michell is SO lucky to have her. I can't get over the fact he's dead and to me it feels like he's still alive but in a spirital way he is.

    R.I.P Heath Ledger....xxx


    I litteraly don't think i will ever get over his death. Heath was just such an incredibly talented and amazing person. He will be missed dearly.


    So sad that heaths gone :( wow if I feel like this than I can't even imagine how michelle feels.oh and watever jackass made the rude remark about her legs needs a life I mean she lost her 3 year old daughters father


    So sad that heaths gone :( wow if I feel like this than I can't even imagine how michelle feels.oh and watever jackass made the rude remark about her legs needs a life I mean she lost her 3 year old daughters father


    omg Janet...if you have not got anything nice to say you should't say nothing at all. She is going through a really bad time at the moment and all you care about is her legs and saying things you are not even sure of yourself. Also you should have a lot more respect for the dead. Heath was an amazing actor who's life was cut short who you knew nothing about, yet your acting as if your his best mate.Get a life will you and keep your mouth shut in future unless something good is goin to come out of it. Oh and i would like to see what you looked like after something as bad as this had happened to you, and how you would like it if thats all some stupid people care about.

    Perhaps my time seemed all too brief
    Don’t lengthen it now with undue grief.
    If my parting has left a void
    Then fill it with remembered joy.
    Be not burdened with times of sorrow
    I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow.

    Laura xxx


    honestly i think you all are hurt by heaths death but i think in this matter of what happend to heath i thnk its just better to say if you have nothing nice to say dont say it at all. rele whats the point in even saying mean things enless your goal is to hurt someone. i think that if you were going through what michelle is going throgh you would have a lot more things messed up with you then your legs ok. Seriously she is doing a pretty damn godd job about it.matilda is ok isnt she yeah she is


    People have the right to opinions, but I can't stand it when people are so negative as if they were involved in the relationship between teh celebrities they post about.
    But I have noticed that those people are envious so to make themselves feel better they attack.
    Those of you who hate Michelle is because you are so blinded by jealousy that you hate her wthout even knowing her.
    for all you know, HE was loving her to the end. what do you know?
    he obviously had a drug problem and he obviously wanted to be with her. she obviously loved him.
    Leave it at that...we don't know.


    Opinions are like butts , everybodys got one


    I completely agree with Jovi. Live and Let Live. It's okay that you all have your different opinions on the matter, but you should voice it in a kind way. M.W., that certaintly was no way to react to everyone and how they felt. Who are you to judge? who died and elected you pope? Please, let's all stop these hurtful words and be friends.
    xoxox laura


    MW maybe you need to stop intimidating everyone with your disgusting language. Like your so cool to tell everyone who's what and what's stupid. Maybe you'll get a life one day and realize that everyone can have their own opinion...and no one cares about what you have to say. You can act all cool with your F-this and F-that, but truly, it's pathetic. So maybe, just maybe, everyone is entitled to their opnions just like you so willingly gave them out. LIVE AND LET LIVE, honey.

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