Rejected! Michael Jordan Sues Lisa Miceli

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Would somebody tell Britney Spears to move over. The troubled singer may need to prepare for some company in the ol' looney bin.

Lisa Miceli, a Pennsylvania woman, has been bombarding Michael Jordan with hundreds of threatening calls and e-mails over the past few years.

The NBA legend claims this in a lawsuit against the alleged mistress.

Michael Jordan Golfing

Michael Jordan is seeking an injunction against Lisa Miceli, a Crawford County, Pa., woman who claimed in 2004 that MJ is the father of her son.

Jordan took two DNA tests in 2005 proving he is not the dad.

Still, Lisa Miceli has continued a full-court press of "hundreds" of calls and e-mails to Michael Jordan - and now things are getting "violent and threatening."

A lawyer for the alleged Michael Jordan mistress has not commented.

However, a website entitled "Lisa Miceli's Official Blog" shows that if this is the same person we're talking, she may be more than a little insane.


Angelicque, sorry it's not working. You trying to make everyone jealous cause you got bumped and dumped by some clown? Sit back and then re-think coming in here and making a fool of yourself. Just collect your check from Oscar and keep it to yourself, you know. One can only wonder the elation you had when you hit the bullseye and got pregnant that day with Oscar. For you to be so bitter you must not be telling the truth or not getting your checks. Otherwise you wouldn't be in here embarrassing yourself. And you know who pays for your indiscretions as you just bang your way through life? Your kid. Now that's the part that I'm bitter about.




Oh and the results??? Positive... Even though Oscar pays child support the man has seen his son only once in 9 yrs...
Be Like Mike? I hope no grows up to be like Oscar or Mike


I totally agree with the june 5th post. Sure the ladies will believe her. My God, there were 2 DNA test and you can be rest assured that there were people around to make sure that it was legit. Lisa is nuts and MJ needs to be protected. She needs help, I hope she gets it. Come on Ladies, a conspiracy, you all are kidding right? You can not be so narrow minded.


'I believe her.' It's a f@#$$%g conspiracy! See, the Court ordered a paternity test 2 times and she's got a lawyer to make sure it's not jordan's lab doing the test. but bc "there are so many groupies sleeping around most are afraid to challenge the results." WTF?! This is why the poor guy has to deal w this crap. same type of feminist morons came out of the woodworks to support that hooker accusing the entire duke lacrosse team of rape when the lab had discovered at least two unidentified males' DNA in Mangum's pubic region; at least two unidentified males' DNA in her rectum; at least four to five unidentified males' DNA on her panties; and at least one identified male's DNA in her vagina. But guess what, it's all a payoff. morons!


I BELIEVE HER! There are quite a few celebrities cheating DNA tests. Because there are so many groupies sleeping around most are afraid to challenge the results. When you know you know. There are a few other women being called crazy, but they are not. These guys are paying the big bucks to make sure these tests come out negative. Don't be so quick to judge if you don't know what happens behind the scenes.


Some one may need to really take her serious she just might be telling the truth. A pay off may have been made we just dont know about and was the test taken with all parties present and who did the test(the DNA Company)he knows the truth and really we shouldn't judge because when your not being heard you get frustrated and money does talk. if you read between her frustration there is some truth she just needs to sit back and regroup because she could be missing something very inportant. And that's all I have to say.


The best bet is to not have such free sex. That way there is no doubt. If you end up making a baby or just making out with a crazy's your fault too. Don't do it until you know someone isn't a nutcase. Sex is great but temporary compared to the insanity that a crazy person can add to someone's life. Let's night of great sex.....vs. peace and sanity the rest of my life.....(and sex with someone I know isn't crazy). That's an easy decision if you anyone of substance.


After 2 test and she is still Bugging the man.. She is a NUT. I live in Baltimore and have ran into alot of crazy insane women like her. They just won't let you live your life in peace. Some will do anything to get pregnant just to get a check
they are living nightmares from hell.


I grew up knowing Lisa. This is just a way for her to be dramatic. She always needs attention and if she just so happens to talk to someone of importance, she acts like she personally knows him/her. She thinks her looks will get her far. But she is totally nuts. I know her well.

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