Lindsay Lohan Nude, Emulating Marilyn Monroe

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Before we reveal the latest Lindsay Lohan nude photos, a history lesson:

In 1962, photographer Bert Stern shot a series of Marilyn Monroe pictures at the Hotel Bel-Air that have collectively come to be known as "The Last Sitting."

These shots are arguably the most famous images ever captured of America's most famous actress. Six weeks after she posed, Marilyn Monroe was found dead of an apparent barbiturate overdose. She was only 36.

Fast forward 46 years and New York Magazine has attempted to duplicate this montage with Lohan as the centerpiece. Why is the publication comparing the Firecrotch Queen to the iconic actress? It's unclear. Each celebrity is known for sleeping around, of course. And each has dabbled in the occasional drug.

Okay, we take it back: Lindsay Lohan is quite similar to Marilyn Monroe. Check out the photo comparison below and follow the jump for more:

Naked Lindsay Lohan
Nude Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan Naked Photo

Hi lovelies, Lindsay here! I like to check out what my fans and others are saying about me every so often. Thank you to all of you who are supporting me. Marilyn is my all time idol. I love you all. xo, LL.


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WOW!! You guys are MEAN!! Saying Lindsey should just drop dead....JEEZ!!I mean do ANY of you know her personally? I think they both are very beautiful woman. I don't blame Lindsey for possing like Marilyn, what woman doesn't secretly, or openenly for that matter, want to have a sexy Marilyn moment. And to tell y'all the truth I'm not even a Lohan fan.


all i can say is i have always loved Marilyn Monroe, as a little girl i watched all her movies, the fact that she was so real in every way, and now 23 and I just find it funny that suddenly it is "cool or popular" to like Marilyn. Lindsay is beautiful in her own way, but i have to say it Marilyn is one of those iconic figures that just cant be emulated. Marilyn was Marilyn and no matter how hard they try no one can ever come close.


Ewww... these photos are gross, lilo looks like a try hard in a halloween costume - it's bad enough that jemma jameson is attempting to channel bettie page - but this too? She looks kinda awkward, anything but sexy. Scary stuff, but then I read somewhere that lilo has a bit of an obsession with marilyn and even says she's had dreams where the dead star has told her to "slow down"... good luck with that.


hi! sexy can I stay with you


I think Linsay Lohan is ridiculous for even trying to attempting to put herself up on the same level as marilyn monroe. Marilyn Monroe was beautiful and was on a totally didnt level as Lindsay Lohan. Come On...Seriously?

@ Britany

BRITANY, hi. Lindsay here. Personally, I think you are very rude to judge me. you don't fucking know me, so don't get all sassy. okay? okay. Also, i'm not trying to put myself on the same level as her. She is my idol. I look up to her.


lindsay lohan is fat and ugly


If it weren't for dingy bitches like this to peak our interest we wouldn't have much to talk about....On that note.....I don't think she looks like Marilyn in the least...and it disturbs me to no end that she is now emulating her.
Maybe Britney Spears will do a Anna Nicole Smith photo shoot.....if they all wind up OD'ing then I'm sure another crazy celeb will come along to take their place....there's always Paris Hilton....that craziness never goes away....damn


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