Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port Score New PR Jobs

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That didn't take long.

After parting ways with Teen Vogue, it looks like The Hills BFFs Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port scored themselves some new jobs!

New York Magazine says the ladies have started working for a PR agency called People's Revolution. Just in time for New York Fashion Week!

Really, who wouldn't want these cuties on the payroll? The Hollywood Gossip sure would, although we'd have to cut a few interns. Sorry guys.

Whitney Port, Lauren Conrad

The lovely Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port in their Teen Vogue heyday.

Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port both started as fashion interns at Teen Vogue, as shown on the second and third seasons of The Hills.

Theories for their departure from the magazine - which once featured them on the cover, as well - differ. But, looks like they've moved on!

In any event, keep your eyes peeled at the white tents, fans of The Hills: Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port might walk among you.

Oh, and if you see Spencer Pratt, tell him he's lame. And that we want an exclusive interview with him if that's possible.


I would like to know what Lauren was done to get that job? How to get something like that in the USA? Does anybody know that?


darlene you are a dayumm shameeeee.
spencer could care less about the feelings of heidi && he dayum sure don't care about anybody else.
lauren was trying to warn heidi of the pain she would endure if she stayed with spencer.
she's not a bitch.
now you on the other hand are...
you don't know anything.
lauren is the best friend && when you are friends with someone for a long time you know how to love them && you learn to hate them but there is nothing in between, there's no half way.
lauren misses heidi they were bffs but she cant be close to someone who has a punk ass husband!
if you're not in there lives stfu to all the haters on lauren conrad!


hey lauren is it true that you read these emails??and if u do plz come to canada!!its really fun!lol but come in the summer!with audrina and whitney!lol


Lauren is an amazing person. shes a good friend and she is a role model to me and im sure to many others. I would do anything to get the chance to meet her. She is very much like me i think thats why i like her so much. I think she is really cool !


darlenecook, you are so sad. Heidi is a train wreck waiting to happen as well as two faced. She has only used Lauren for personel gain and you must be watching a different show because
Spam, aka Spencer is a abusive, jerk. He is using Heidi for personel gain, he constantly says crap like"you love your job more than me" and " you can get a different job", look how he treated her when she missed her period, now that is a real loving man....cannot believe producers would keep a jerk like this around.


Lauren did you get another job or did Teen Vogue throw your holyer than GOD ass out??? Your main problem is that you couldnt stand to see Hedi with someone who really cared about her, not like everytime they showed you out partying you have a habit of hooking up with x's Do we see a problem here????? It's called the green eye of JEALOUSY BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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