Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner Together... as Friends

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While Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner have had their fair share of moments when they've been a lot more than friends, they "did not sit next to each other or talk much" at Las Vegas club LAX last night and this morning.

The event? A launch party for ... the Paris Hilton Collection! Oooh!

LC in Stripes!

Wearing a gray strapless dress with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, Lauren Conrad arrived around midnight, joining Brody Jenner and some pals.

"They hugged once, but it looked innocent," an onlooker said.

Lauren Conrad sipped on Grey Goose cocktails through the night.

Guest of honor Paris Hilton who turns 27 this Sunday, February 17 was considerably less low-key than The Hills star and her crew.

At one point, Hilton grabbed a microphone and sang a few of her own tunes. When her songs were over, she held on to the microphone and lip-synched to Britney Spears' recent single, "Gimme More," says a witness.

Throughout the night, Hilton, whose new flick The Hottie and the Nottie was recently voted the "worst film of all time" by IMDB was chugging water and chasing it with shots of vodka and Red Bull. Now that's hot.

Paris Hilton was also "holding hands and kissing an unidentified tall, bald man," (ruling out Stavros Niarchos) but after she left, mystery man was spotted getting cozy with another woman in a leopard-print dress.


i think lauren wants brody and he wants her there like the perfect couple wat is brody still doing with cora i just think shes a brody and lauren go for it luv u guys


wow! you look good lauren and so do your frinds
so are you friends with paris or something i mean why was she there?


hey there im south anfrica and watching the hills. i want to know how far behind are we with the episode. this week i watched heidi come over to laurens house to discuss their problems after their fight at a party. i love Lauren and Brody together they are so perfect.


Brody and LC still look hot together, the pics from the other site show them being very flirtatious


looking at those pictures on that website does not look at all like "just a hug." I agree with k.c. There's that little spark in those pics...but maybe they ruled out being a couple..who knows?!!

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