Larry Birkhead Should Be Ashamed of Himself

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We supported Larry Birkhead for so long.

In his custody battle with Howard K. Stern for the rights Dannielynn, he seemed like a genuinely concerned parent. Anna Nicole Smith was wealthy? It was like Larry didn't even notice.

Not Bothered

Now, however, Birkhead is making sure he's noticed everywhere he goes with his daughter. Including the cemetery.

As shown here, Birkhead has seemingly sold images of himself and Dannielynn visiting the grave of Anna Nicole. Moreover, Entertainment Tonight will run an interview with the supposed mourner, documenting the events in his life since Anna's passing.

We're not sure why. Everyone has seen them all already. Birkhead has made sure of that.

Can you imagine the family of Heath Ledger acting like Larry Birkhead? Stop being a celebrity, Larry. Go be a father.


Oh for God's sake, so what if he is trying to make a buck to make sure he and his daughter has a bright future? If he can do it, then more power to him, I feel. If people are willing to pay, let them. And let that little girl have a nice future. Don't act like he DOESN'T have his daughter's best interest at heart if he is making sure plenty of money comes in.


I for one love seeing pictures of Dannielyn, she is so adorable. so what if he gets paid for posing in a picture with her. The poparazzi would take them anyway, atleast Larry is making sure the pictures are decent. I hope he is putting some money in a bank account for Dannielyn and not just supporting her and living off it. I heard that the law suit Anna had with her old man husband did not pan out. so nothing is coming toward Dannielyn. Everybody has there opinion of Larry, but the little girl looks happy and healthy and clean so he is doing good with her.


Actually, Smith wasn't that wealthy and did not have "millions and millions" as you quote in one of your posts. Smith's will, drawn up in April 2001, named her son Daniel as the sole beneficiary of her estate, specifically excluded other children, and named Howard K. Stern as the executor. It indicated personal property valued at $10,000 and real property valued at $1.8 million (with a $1.1 million mortgage) at the time of death. Meaning about $700,000 mostly tied up in the value of her house after the mortgage was deducted. Now if she did end up winning the lawsuit against the oil tycoon, that would be another story.


Larry Birkhead is gay failed actor turned paparazzo who impregnated sick, drug addicted woman for the fame and money.
He blackmailed Anna Nicole and demanded big money.That's why she fled to another country to protect herself.Birkhead constantly sell pictures of a motherless child to tabloids.He is lazy gay loser who is being supported by a child aged two!


I think Larry is a wonderful father. He is donating money from the sale of the baby's clothes to give to a charity that helps kids with HIV. but besides this, he seems to be a very loving and sweet father. I would like to many more fathers showing as much attention to their children as he does. He is very present in her life thank goodness, and this will make her a very secure child. Good job Larry.


I wAS just reading some of the people on here what they were saying.Well Anna went to the Bahamas to get away from,Larry,he knew how bad things were going so he should of back off.for her sake,yes she died from stress,All of her friends are the cause of what happen to her,they could of save her life if they had put her in the hosiptal,The very best goes out to Howard,Larry and Dannielyn and the friends and family


I think it's great if Larry can sell pictures of Dannielynn and him. I know I can't get enough of those pictures. If he can make money for them that's even better. I know all the legal bills he must have. He hasn't been able to work since Anna's death. He is a sweetheart and a good Dad. I'm so glad it didn't take him long to figure out about Virgie, she's a piece of work. I'm glad she didn't get her hands on Larry and Anna's baby girl. She is scum and is only interested in the money and getting her name out in the publics eye. You go Larry! Keep the pictures coming.
Liz from NY


The guy has to make money! He isn't doing anything wrong.


It's fine for Larry Birkhead to take his daughter to visit her mothers grave but if he really had his child's best interests at heart, he would NOT invited camera crews and tabloid gossip shows along making a spectacle of the whole thing. That poor child will have enough to deal with in life let alone having camera's shoved in her face recording her every move. Larry Birkhead has turned into Larry Jerkhead!


I'm proud of Larry, he has raised Dannielynn on his own...I do understand his fear of surgery to correct D/L's "Lazy Eye"...{bin there done that as a very young child...Please trust the Doctors Larry}.
As for {I want 6% HK$} and the likes of Virgie/Cosby & all the money hungry SCUM who think that ANS deserves more Million$ from J Howard Marshall than she already "bled" him for during her CHEATING LYING MARRIAGE...IN YOUR DREAMS!!!!....None of you cared a damm for ANS during her Drug Induced Sordid SCUM let her die because none of you had the "balls" to call 911....6% of nothing = ZILCH!!!

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Larry Birkhead [on his daughter]

I think about life in a different way. I had kidney stones and was in the hospital for a week in July. I was freaking out thinking, If something happens to me, Dannielynn is by herself. I'm all this little one has left.

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