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The night before the New York Giants upset the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII, Arizona was jam-packed with booze and babes.

One of whom seemed rather intent on getting back into celebrity news headlines and, perhaps, making her former high school rival jealous!

Another Kristin Cavallari Bikini Pic

At the Maxim party at the Stone Rose Lounge, Kristin Cavallari flirted with Entourage star Kevin Connolly, and was "all over Kevin until she saw Brody Jenner walk in," says a spy from the New York Post.

"Kristin Cavallari dropped Kevin for Brody Jenner and started kissing him ... that is, before she went to find photographers to take pictures of them. It was all a ploy to make [her Laguna Beach nemesis] Lauren Conrad jealous."

Kristin Cavallari cozies up to her ex, Brody Jenner (left).

Kristin, of course, used to date Brody Jenner. Then after they broke up, he and Lauren Conrad were an item, as depicted on The Hills.

But forget Lauren Conrad here. What about Cora Skinner, Brody's reported new girlfriend? What's she gonna think? First Linsday Lohan and now this?

She'll get the crazy idea that Brody's some kind of player.


omgg ! i cant believeee thatt kristin is backk. i thoughtt she leftt her stupidd selff back in lagunaa. she needss to just leavee lauren alonee. andd brody omgg ?! he is suchh a fagg. on the lastt episodee he kissed lauren and now he hass anotherr girlfriendd ?! woahh. andd i thoughtt he was so sweet. suchh a playerr ! andd he was readyy to settle. but for anotherr girl ? uhh. andd kristinn ! all over brodyy justt to makee laurenn jealous, how immaturee. this is so like four yearss ago. cantt a girl move on from the pastt ? and over stephenn. well he was pretty hot :D


Now news is coming out of Arizona that Alyssa Milano was all over Kevin Connolly at the Playboy Super Saturday Party in Arizona as well.
Wonder if the Entourage bachelor was wearing AXE or something, because he was acting as a major babe magnet.
Not that Kevin Connolly's beautiful blue eyes aren't enticing enough, but it does seem that the tabloids are looking to match him up with every available female in Hollywood (they still won't let go of one chance meeting with Jennifer Aniston in Cabo San Lucas).
That being said, I would much rather see Alyssa Milano and Kevin Connolly together than Kristin Cavallari and Kevin Connolly.
Alyssa and Kevin would actually make a great match. Who do we call to get this taken care of - their publicists or their agents? Better watch a few more episodes of Entourage to figure it out!


Kristen should jusst give up. She is so stuck up and so slutty. I don't care if she had Brody first or blah blah she is just trying to be just go take your clothes off because we all know thats what its going to come down to and the only way you'll get your little fame..


I hear Kevin Connolly is such a sweet guy in real life. I hate reading these stories about him.
I think he is truly looking for someone and tends to gravitate towards young blonde woman.
Trust me that Kristin Cavallari was all over Kevin before Brody arrived.
I think that she is slimely for using him until it didn't serve her purposes any longer and it probably hurt him.
As for Audrina Patridge turning Kevin Connolly down for dinner- he probably didn't realize she was seeing someone.
I know that Audrina and Lauren Conrad have both enjoyed Kevin Connolly's company in Vegas and Arizona. So, it is not a like thing.
I really hope sweetie Kevin Connolly finds the right girl for him soon. I know he wants to settle down like best bud Tobey Maguire and start a family.
Best of luck, Kevin!


Ugh, I can't believe Kristen and Lauren came from the same County as me. I dislike the both of them. I'm sure that they don't care about REALissues in the world.Pfff. Brody is one sexy beast though, now that I'll admit ;D


Yeah, those girls from The Hills need a reality check. Kristin Cavallari and Audrina Patridge would both be lucky to land a cutie like Kevin Connolly. But, these two are all about the drama and would rather deal with the likes of Brody Jenner and Justin Bobby.
Kevin Connolly is better off without these two immature girls.
I hope he finds a nice girl to hang out with and stays away from these wannabes.


So she took a picture with brody and his friend to make Lauren jealous? that makes sense...uh not. Why would Kristin ever need to make Lauren jealous? Lauren is the one who tries to date Kristin's exboyfriends...Kevin Connoly is ugly


Well Cora Skinner got what she wanted (publicity). Kristin is a tramp who has probably slept with half of Hollywood now in order to get signed for a movie. And Brody is just well being Brody so we should not expect anything less.


Whatever, Kevin's a big boy. He's about 10 years older than Kristin- I'm pretty sure he can handle it!


Kristin Cavallari better watch out. There are a lot of Kevin Connolly lovers out there who do not take too kindly to her playing with his affections!

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