Kevin Federline Worried, Hopeful For Britney Spears

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Kevin Federline is "extremely worried" about Britney Spears and feels the psychiatric hospital is the best place for her right now, People reports.

Laying low since Britney was hospitalized again Thursday morning, Federline "doesn't want her to get out until she's made progress," the source says. "This is obviously going to help her in the end - later, much later."

"He's worried. He doesn't even know what's going to happen next."

Federline, 29, was not directly involved in the latest events, "but he was aware of what was happening," says another source, a friend of K-Fed.

Kevin Federline and Britney Spears married in 2004, then split in 2006.

Unlike the first time Britney Spears was sent to the hospital, and she had them at her home, the kids were with Federline, who has sole custody.

"Kevin wants Britney to get better. He wants her to be in [Sean Preston and Jayden James'] lives. He wants them to have a loving relationship. He wants her to get healthy so she can be the mother they deserve," says a friend.

This is the second trip to a hospital in a month for Spears.

In early January, she was forced into the hospital following a standoff with police involving sons Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1.

A court commissioner later stripped Spears of visitation rights.

A third source close to K-Fed says that getting medical help for Spears, 26, "has been planned for a long time. Her family is behind this."


Britney hates her father so much because of the addiction he didn't deal with when she was a child. Wonder how her boys will feel about her when they become young adults?


this is all so sad. at first i labelled kevin as this guy that hit the jackpot! money, fame, beautiful life but it all isnt what it seems. i looked through all the pictures on and to look back at britney and kevin its actually very sad. she looked so happy!! when they were together , just them 2 and now it seem like since kevin or the children arent there she has fallen apart and really dosent feel like she has anyone anymore. everyone who reads the tabloids knows she has a problem with trust issues... so far the only real person that I havent seen deceive her is Alli Sims. Why hasnt kevin went up to the hospital w/ the boys and tell her he loves her and cares for her maybe thats all she needs rather than her thinking he is ruining her life. i seriouslly believe he was and is her true love. this photographer is just something to pass away time.... thats all.

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