Katharine McPhee Pregnant? Honeymoon Pic Sparks Rumor

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One day after their Beverly Hills wedding, Katharine McPhee and Nick Cokas jetted off to Hawaii for a romantic honeymoon... and possibly more!

The American Idol star, 23, and her husband, 42, arrived in Maui Sunday. They've been seen hanging out on the beach and shopping.

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But they may have other plans entirely.

Katharine, who's said she's "always wanted to be pregnant," may have gotten an early star. Check out this loose-fitting top she's wearing ...

Is Katharine McPhee pregnant? Hmm. This picture may be deceiving, as it may just be the cover-up she's wearing over her swimsuit that makes it look like it.

If Nick Cokas did get Katharine McPhee pregnant, though, consider this the first evidence! And count us among the first to congratulate them!

What do you think? Is Katharine with child?


Chris is a fine performer, but those in the inrudtsy could hear his straining and poor breath support. Ivestors in his career, expected to comit millions in his promotion would have eventually put a portion of their money in vocal training to avoid the certainty of his voice simply being ruined from misuse prior to an decent return on the money.McPhee and Taylor each have what it takes to make it over the long term let us hope that the voting public will allow the two-vocalists race to settle between them.


Kat DEFINITELY did not look pregnant on March 12th when she performed on Idol........She has a VERY flat tummy!!!!!!!!!!!


Kat has been wearing loose-fitting tops ever since she appeared on Idol, and there were pregnancy rumors even then.
What's wrong with pattispage? she's overdue-----hope the old loon isn't sick-----


Kat always wears loose fitting tops.Stop starting rumors!
Yeah Patricia Vancourt will love this blog.....she'll be trembling with excitement that one of her crapola,nutzoid predictions might be coming true..NOT!
I have a prediction...PP will be Brittany's roommate real in the psych ward real soon!!!


She's not pregnant, but get ready for pattispage!!


No, she isn't. There are more pics from these moments on other sites taken from different angles. Definitely a flat tummy. Loose shirts do happen to billow on their own in a breeze, you know. Besides, who doesn't wear a cover up on their way to/from the beach?

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