John McCain Has Supporters, Too!

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With all the attention we give to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, it's easy to forget that there's another guy running - a man who's actually going to win the nomination of his party for sure, unlike one of those two.

It's time for the celebrity gossip world to give the old man his due!

While the celebrities seem to love Obama like none other, Arizona Sen. John McCain, a Republican, has received strong support across the United States of America. Including from this pair of enthusiastic backers...

This is easily one of the best campaign signs of 2008 so far.

While Miley Cyrus has yet to come out in favor of a presidential candidate (she's like 11, and thus not eligible to vote yet), it's good to see that these Hannah Montana enthusiasts aren't afraid to show their McCain support!

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obama is stupid. and unless you heard john mccain call his wife the c word shut the hell up because you are just listening to whatever the liberally biased news says. so why odnt you read up so you actually know what yur talking about


All I can pretty much say is Amen to lin. You have just stated everything I wanted too. Thank you very much! American's need to open their eyes and look at Obama. I mean everybody sits here saying McCain is old and gross, what is this? All about looks? I think it's just sad to see our country in the condition its in. We started this country with God and more than half of the country has forgotten all about that. When the Lord comes back I know where I'm going, and I know that based on the Bible and my heart and through prayer. Look at all the people who are voting for Obama. How can you say your a true christian and vote for Obama? This is all just so sad to witness.


Yea, I mean what kind of person would like Obama anyway? He is a complete moron and a racist scumbag. Talk about turn around, he is so racist against white people it isn't even funny, but the scary part is: nobody can see that.


maybe they did read up on Mccain and they like him. Maybe they're allowed to favor who they think will make America the most of what it can be made into. You can't just assume that they have no idea about Mccain. Besides people are allowed to NOT like Obama, yes it is infact possible. Very possible


i agree with neenersh, you don't like him because he is old and gross, and heard a rumor that he calls his wife the c-word, maybe you guys should read up on the candidates before you tell others too


Maybe you guys are against him because it's what all your favorite celebrities are doing!


yeah! i agree with green cosmic rabbit!! lol mccain is old and gross. and he calls his wife the c word!! not nice!!


Maybe those fans should read up on John McCain before they throw him their support.