John McCain Has Supporters, Too!

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With all the attention we give to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, it's easy to forget that there's another guy running - a man who's actually going to win the nomination of his party for sure, unlike one of those two.

It's time for the celebrity gossip world to give the old man his due!

While the celebrities seem to love Obama like none other, Arizona Sen. John McCain, a Republican, has received strong support across the United States of America. Including from this pair of enthusiastic backers...

This is easily one of the best campaign signs of 2008 so far.

While Miley Cyrus has yet to come out in favor of a presidential candidate (she's like 11, and thus not eligible to vote yet), it's good to see that these Hannah Montana enthusiasts aren't afraid to show their McCain support!


John McCain would pull every American into minimum wage should he have been elected. Obama understands the intricacy of the current economic makeup of the world and is pulling through the rubble diligently and admirably, mind you, the economic crisis occured because of poor planning by the Bush administration. The irony? The president who comes from the Republican party, with it's 'nationalism', pulled America into the most painful economic crisis since the Great Depression. Wake up people.


♥ all of you BUT OBAMA FANS U R REALLY ..... BLUE !
just bc he is black dose not give him the right to be a perz. iight well hit up the cell people still waitin !


yeaa. um McCain ROXX !!
so much more them OBAMALAMA ! ! ! !(lol)
and and HANNAH ROXX ALSO !!!
call me if u wanna debate !


I'm a ghost face.


McCain will probably die of old age before the election!!!!
HAHAHAHAHAHA! His ideals are old, incompetent and inefficient.
You can't teach an old dog new tricks. We don't need John
McCain's ancient ass marching around the white house leaking
diarrhea because his ass muscles are too old to function. AHAHAHAHAH!! OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA!!!


If you look at what Obama has said he is against white working class men and women. Spicy you said McCain would keep gas at $4, well what has your DEM congress done, If you look at the price of gas it started going up when the DEMS took over the congress. They did nothing to stop it what make you think a guy who has never made any form of legislation do? Nothing but talk about himself and say how great he is while working out and not visiting wounded solders who took a bullet for liberty.


First of all I wanna start off saying how can anyone in their right mind support obama and think he is what america needs. I don't understand how he can call himself a Christian but is going against what the Bible says. I for one refuse to support a him. Age or race shouldn't even matter to anyone when it comes to voting. What should really matter are the issues and how confident you are to call yourself a TRUE CHRISTIAN because that is what this country is based on. VOTE McCAiN!


VERY well stated Angela. I completely agree. Obama's statement of 'change for America' is empty; he is simply a good rhetorician. His viewpoints of FP and how he will handle the currents global war on terror makes me nervous. Shouldn't our presidential candidates be THE MOST patriotic people in the country?Frankly, him in office scares me to death.


Just because someone is half-white, does not mean that they are not racist. As for Obama being a Christian or not, only Obama knows that. What does bother me the most about Obama is his lack of patriotism. It seems as though the only reason he started wearing a flag on his lapel was because of all the grief he was catching about it. It also bothers me that he will make a statement and then when confronted about it, he says he never made that statement or makes it out like everyone else is misconstruing what he said. "Just Words?"


I just have to say, Lin, please do us all a favor and do your homework before posting any more blogs. Calling Obama racist against white people is one of the most ignorant things I have read throughout the course of this campaign race. Do you know anything about him at all? If you did, you would maybe have noticed that HIS MOM WAS WHITE. So, to put it bluntly: get over yourself, and maybe start reading and watching some new material besides what biased news sources like Fox News is telling you. And by the way, the last time I checked, both candidates are Christians. You might want to look up the definition of that too while you're out looking for accurate sources of information. Sadly, people like you and Heather make me ashamed to be an American. VOTE OBAMA '08.

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