Jamie Lynn Spears: Pregnant, Hard-Partying Sex Fiend

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    dude. everybody needs to calm down. jamie is just like everybody else in this world.. she has her own life. just because she's in the spotlight due to her fame shouldnt make a common thing that she did such a tragedy. i understand she's supposed to be a role model but nobodys perfect. shes taking responsibility for her actions and trying to live her own life. you should respect that.


    well im pregnant to and im only 14 i made a mistake and so did she its not like she can take it back now.it only takes one time to get prgnant and the first time i had sex i got pregnant.


    I feel bad for her kid, its not her fault that her mom made a stupid mistake. But c'mon there is no defending or justifying, hasn't anybody heard of condoms or birth control??? are u that stupid that you cant think of using some type of protection? its not like its hard to come by. Here you all are telling these ppl "it's ok you made a mistake" no its not ok, bc the children are the ones who are gonna suffer, bc their stupid parent is a pathetic waste of life like Jamie Lynn. Yes ppl are having sex at a young age more and more, but if you are astute enough to open your legs then you should take precaution first you dumb whore! and that goes for everyone who decides to have sex, not just the trailer trash Spears family!


    this is tekeya and i did not say that... Sunshine said it...


    jamie, you are sooo hot! i think it is sexy how you like to talk about sex.


    i think it iz great that u r preg but if i ever got preg my mom would send me to this camp until i have the baby and put upn4 adopsoin


    Well i think that people shouldn't judge Jamie Lynn because come on nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. i mean just because she's famous that doesn't mean anything...i know alot of people that get pregnant when they're barely 14 and 15 so i don't think its right talking crap about her.




    ok have another sex withhim ok


    Jamie Lynn:
    I think we both know what you did was not exactly right. IDK if you ment to do it or not. I just hope you will take what happened and deal with it well. I think that getting married was the BEST choice. I have faith in you. And I still like to watch your show... Zoey 101. And I think you are a great person and will handle this perfectly. See ya. -Rebecca-

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