Is Miley Cyrus Drunk?

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Miley Cyrus has withstood a series of recent scandals.

There were the pics of this Hannah Montana star posing playfully (or seductively?) with friends. Then, in her underwear.

Cyrus Picture

Now, the following photo makes it appear as though this young actress is far from sober.

What do you think? Is Miley Cyrus drunk in this picture? We sincerley hope not because a) that would be illegal and b) underage drinking often leads to pregnancy.

Just ask Jamie Lynn Spears.

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To be honest with you, I'm not really Miley Cyrus fan.Her music is not my type. Many people don't like her, because they think she has "no talent". Well, I think she's pretty good - and you have to remember, most of her fans are obsessive 8 year-olds, and her songs have to be appropriate for her fans. Anyways, it's more likely that she is drunk in this picture, judging by her past- you know the inappropriate bare photos on Vogue and ones sent to Nick Jonas. My daughter is a huge fan of Miley Cyrus, and well, I'm not liking what I'm reading about her. She isn't a good role model anymore. She just keeps letting down her fans with her inappropriate behaviour.


she is the biggest@4F@6t and hoe the world has ever seen and do ou know her song Fly on the wall it should go like this {dont i wish that im a
slut on the wall]


she might not be drunk but she is a hoe she even amitted to her naked pictures so everyone trying to defend her is a morron


she is the biggest slute the world has ever seen and its so so funny to see the dumb fans.she is a@$R%&& in the hole world


she is not drunk but she is a hoe andevery thing else in the book ecept pretty cuz she's grooser than britteny spears


what happen to her she was used to be every body fav person now shes getting drunk ...............what is wrong with her ?!


miley u look sooooo retarded in this pic how old are u ,9


she could o couldnt be drunk,anywa she is wearing heels and obviously tired.


really as if ... im 15 and continually stumble in heels that could be due to my complete lack in coordination.. but still..shes on a kerb ... surrounded by paparazzi i dont think anyone has the skills not to trip ... but to those who do congrats your in the 0.01 % of the population personally i think shes talented, pretty and i like her music .. i really think thats all that matters.. dont get me wrong i like to hear a bit fo gossip but you shouldnt completely knock someones talent and ability because of a rumour.. thats just stupid


omg....shes not drunk
she probably just triped over something