Introducing: The Miley & Mandy Show

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In case you haven't heard, Miley Cyrus is the star of Hannah Montana.

However, the teen sensation has also debuted an online video dubbed The Miley & Mandy Show.

Cyrus in Concert

In the following clip, Cyrus and Mandy Jiroux, a dancer on the Best of Both Worlds Tour, are seen laughing, dancing to Janet Jackson's "Feedback," doing hand-stands, reading magazines and mugging for the camera.


The clip ends with a list of credits, citing "Miley & Mandy" for hair and makeup, wardrobe, lighting and craft services. They also thank the Jonas Brothers for use of two of their songs - and, of course, for being so dreamy.

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dis is coole miley miley miley




i love it


hi miley and mandy i love you show! i wish we can be friends so can you please add me at yahoo messenger or face book my e-mail add is thanks:)


Hi,it's miley and this is for buzz.I think that you must be really happy that you are talking to me!and a shout out to everybody.Please write me back. Miley


Hi,it's miley and I am so glad that everybody on this page loves me.And the girl named baily it is so cool that you like me so much that you eat the same cerial as me!Oh and mandy says HI HI to everyone,we both hope you guys see this comment and right back to us.PLEASE we want to hear more about you and so please keep sending OK.Bye,Miley and Mandy


HI girl miley ilove so so much ok and my frineds tow love


Hey Miley and Mandy.
I dont think ur a bad person.
i think ur a lovely person.
i dont know u but i had a dream about us and wrote a song about it.
It went like this, ' baby, youre the right kind of wrong,.'
I hope u liked it. :)
I loveee youu guyssssss. xD


you guys are hallarious i love your show.


Hey! Miley and Mandy show is really great!It's realy funny! I Love You!
Joanna I from Poland