George Clooney: The Hillary Clinton of the Oscars

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George Clooney says he won't beat out Daniel Day-Lewis for Best Actor at Sunday's Academy Awards, drawing a political analogy.

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    One aspect of the general lack of scutiny on Obama's character is that his african father was a drunkard who abandoned his mother when he was a baby and had children with several different women in an out of wedlock over his lifetime. His mother then married an Indonesian man and Obamma spent his middle childhood in Indonesia then as a teenager was sent to live with his white maternal grandparents. He admits to using narcotic drugs while a teenager, probably acting out his anger from childhood upheaval. This is not a background that leads to a stable adult life. He very likely major emotional and personality issues. Why are the American people so willing to try such an untested and potentially unstable person for president? This scares me silly. Hillary Clinton may not be as eloquent, but she is competent and well tested under the stresses of her vastly greater experience than Obamma. It seems to me that we can't afford another mistake in the presidency. Vote for Hillary!


    Barack Obama is the Democrats' George Bush -- short on experience, long on charisma, bringing out the extreme in others. It was obvious in 2000 that Bush would be a disaster, despite the pr dazzle. It is obvious in 2008 that Obama will be a disaster. He will bring out racism, as he has already, and our enemies will draw comfort from his naive judgment. One wishes that the American public will not be fooled for the third straight time.


    obama has the best chance of winning against mccain since he was against the war from the start. Also, George clooney most likely endorses obama. Search for "celebrities for obama" and you will see clooney talk about obama.


    Paul V is correct. He's my senator and I voted for him. It was him or Alan Keyes. No big decision there. Illinois politics are horrible. Obama has been here for years and Illinois is still as pay to play politics as ever. Guess the change he wants is good for the nation but not here in Illinois. as far as activism in Chicago? So, let us understand.. you were an activist who worked to get voters registered in Chicago? Because Chicago isn't voting for Democrats enough? Hmmm. What can one expect from a nation that voted for George Bush..twice.


    But think of how hard it was to write, McCabe. What with the lack of opposable thumbs. :)


    Could that post have been more painful to read?

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