Legal Wrangling Over Britney Spears to Resume Today

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As we reported last week, Monday is shaping up to be an all-out war in the Britney Spears case. Over control of the singer herself, that is.

Lawyers for Spears will try to convince a judge that she feels hatred and doesn't trust her dad, and wants him removed as co-conservator.

As per a court order, Jamie Spears was awarded joint legal control (along with Lynne Spears) of Britney's medical decisions, finances and more.

Here's the way it's gone down this weekend, according to TMZ:

Yesterday, a lawyer for Trope and Trope (Britney's divorce / custody attorneys) went to UCLA to visit. After being there a short time, one of the UCLA doctors asked the attorney to leave, because the co-conservators objected to the visit.

Trope and Trope will appear in court today with attorney Adam Streisand, who specializes in estate law, to ask that the co-conservators be removed.

Brit's attorneys will argue that Jamie Spears in particular is unable to act in this role, since Britney hates him, and Britney badly wants him out.

Sources say the firm will not object to a conservatorship for Britney Spears, but they will ask that a different conservator be appointed.

Rumor has it that the firm holds Sam Lutfi in high regard and has enjoyed a good relationship (!?) with him. Suffice it to say, Jamie Spears does not.

Here's where it gets tricky for both Jamie Spears and the firm:

Britney Spears has expressed hatred towards her father - that, we know. Yet sources say she asked that both of her parents be at her bedside.

That could create problems for Trope and Trope firm when they go to court tomorrow and ask that Jamie Spears be 86'd as conservator.

Britney is bipolar and has wild mood swings. She can love someone and hate them in the same hour. So how can they prove she hates Jamie?

However, Britney has expressed deep animus toward her dad for a long time and to many people. Trope and Trope is putting together witnesses who will try and convince a judge that the troubled singer's hatred and distrust of her parents is not only very genuine but consistent over time. So, stay tuned...

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