Debbie Clemens Accused of Taking HGH

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In the age of Barry Bonds, Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo and Cynthia Rodriguez, we didn't think anything within the world of sports could surprise us anymore.

Then, Brian McNamee accused Debbie Clemens of taking HGH - and our jaws have yet to recover from hitting the floor so hard.

McNamee is the former trainer of Roger Clemens. The two are in the middle of a heated debate, during which the former is accusing the latter of using steroids and HGH to prolong - and improve - his career in Major League Baseball. The latter denies using any performance-enhancing drugs.

Instead of worrying about economic problems in the country, Congress will hear each side of the argument next week.

Now, however, McNamee has upped the muscle-bound ante by stating that he also provided Debbie Clemens with HGH in order to help her look better for the following Sports Illustrated photo shoot:

Debra Clemens

Did Debbie Clemens use HGH? If so, can we not trust the hotness factor of any athletes' wives? What about Elin Nordegren?


Well, I tell ya, I don't know what the Heck drove Roger to stray from a woman who looks like this cause as the brothers would say, "Debbie is cold bangin."


We know that you have been athletic your whole entire life! You dont get in that kind of shape from one shot of HGH! By the way is it illegal? Don't think so! It is pretty unfair that people want to constantly put down and try to destroy somebody that is loving and caring to her family and so generous to ALL! Anyone with any sense knows what to and what not to believe! Looks like alot of people have no sense! Everyone is just jealous that they dont look as good as you in a bikini at 40 yrs old and after four children! Don't listen to all the negative! You know whats right! Keep your head up all the vultures will be gone soon!!!!!!!!!


Well Well, the apple does not fall to far from the tree in this family, whats next, his kids are going to be accused of doing HGH or the juice like dear ole Daddy, Oh and Rog, when you stated you should have a 3rd ear coming out of your forehead(if you did this) look at your pictures from the Red Sox days, your head has gotten HUGE like Bonds did, well when we hear in the future your liver is as hard as a hockey puck or you've had a massive heart attack before 50, then the truth will come out,,,did'nt you learn ANYTHING from the late Lyle Alzado ??


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