Christie Prody Injured; O.J. Simpson Not a Suspect

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Miami police say O.J. Simpson's girlfriend, Christie Prody, suffered bruises and head injuries on Monday - but it was because of a fall - and not at the hand of the Juice, as several celebrity gossip sources speculated.

Hey, the guy did beat up various wives and kill one of them, so in this case, we can understand why The National Enquirer might jump the gun.

O.J. Simpson Mug Shot III

The Enquirer reported that O.J. Simpson was being investigated as Christie Prody was taken to a Miami hospital with head trauma and bruising.

According to the Enquirer, investigators said from the damage to Christie Prody's body, they believe she was beaten up hard. One detective even said he has never seen such severe bruises on a woman before.

Christie Prody: O.J. Simpson's girlfriend for years. Why? Who knows.

The Miami Police were alerted by hospital authorities after doctors found that Christie Prody was bleeding from her brain â€" and also had numerous, large bruises and abrasions on her face, arms, legs and buttocks.

But cops later told the celebrity news site TMZ that Prody's injuries appear to be "consistent" with a fall she supposedly took "at a gas station."

They don't consider this a criminal case, and that O.J. was never a suspect.

Prody, who has a long rap sheet of her own, has been going out with this guy for years and hasn't turned up dead, so we'd consider the relationship a success.

As for O.J. Simpson, his recent arrest for violation of bail was aired on the MyNetwork series Jail. He's due in Las Vegas for his robbery case in April.


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