Cardin McKinney: Another American Idol Beauty

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Might Amy Davis have competition for most beautiful American Idol contestant this season?

Cardin McKinney received a ticket to Hollywood this week, despite a less-than-enthusiastic response to her audition from Simon Cowell. He referred to her performance as "theatrical," but in a bad way, we guess.

The British judge couldn't find anything wrong with McKinney's looks, however, and it's easy to see why:

Davis may not have to worry about competition from Cardin for long: the American Idol spoilers that listed this season's top 24 did NOT include McKinney.

This rumor has led her obnoxious, misguided fans on The Cardin Nation website to say "Cardin's bigger than American Idol now, so it really doesn't matter anymore."

Right. That's why approximately 35 million more people watch the show every week than have even heard of Cardin McKinney.


One Year since the last time i see and/or hear of her, and i still remember clearly seeing her in the show American Idol.
Classical Beauty, Voice that gives you goosebumps, and last, definitely not least a true sweetheart. Keep going Cardin Lee McKinney..., I for one still want to see and hear of you. Indonesian Fan


Cardin is WAY more prettier than any girl in the top 24. Even prettier than Alaina, who in my opinion, is gorgeous.


well, i definitely agree that Cardin deserves to be in top24 for her beauty is astoundin' and breathless....Maybe an Actin' career is awaitin' her.....


i agree..amy doesn't stand a chance with cardin..i mean, let's get real here..i think the judges had got this all wrong..and same with josiah, he may be overconfident at times but he is such a unique a very good way..they should have a wildcard!


I think I'm in love Cardin- she's pretty much the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen!


I am sorry, but Amy Davis is not even in the same LEAGUE of beauty as Cardin McKinney. Not to say that Ms. Davis is not attractive...she most certainly is pretty. But Ms. McKinney has that timeless beauty, and sweet & shy "flirtyness" that is extremely rare.

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