Breaking Celebrity News: Olsen Twins are Weird!

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We know Sam Lutfi is frickin' creepy.

We've been covering that fact like it's our job.

Which it is. We are in the celebrity news business.

We have a point, we swear. Osama isn't the only twisted fool making gossip headlines this week - Star Magazine has profiled the messed up Olsen Twins!

Apparently, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are seriously weird! Who would have guessed? Oh, right. Everybody. For the last four or five years.

Twisted Olsen Twins!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen: Some twisted trolls.

Anyway, the new issue of Star digs deep into the weird ass world of the rich twins. One of their bodyguards evidently spoke out on the sisters and dished some pretty good gossip. Hookups! Bad breath! Dirty hair! Sibling rivalry! OMFG!

Hopefully it examines Mary-Kate Olsen's connection to Heath Ledger, and includes juicy accounts of Ashley and Lance Armstrong tanging it a few months ago.


I think the Olson twins suffer from Michael-Jackson-itis: The don't know how normal people their age behave because they've been working ridiculous hours since they were infants and only had each other to hang around with. The don't have any idea what "normal" is. I know they have a fashion line but really, someone needs to speak to both of them about the stuff they wear--creepy and grandma looking.


did u two steel ur family money or something??? i dunno my friend told me..


well, i love their craziness..
come on, they're just being their selves..

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