Photo of Obama in Muslim Attire Sparks Controversy

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A photo of Barack Obama donning traditional Muslim attire as a goodwill gesture during an overseas trip has sparked controversy.

The picture, which mysteriously surfaced yesterday, was attributed by The Drudge Report to sources within the campaign of Hillary Clinton.

The site did not reveal who might have released the photo, but it reeks of political fear-mongering. Here's the picture in question...

Barack Obama donned the traditional Muslim garments during a trip to Kenya in 2006. Like many high-ranking U.S. visitors, he received such clothing as a gift.

Obama's father is Kenyan, his mother from Kansas. The senator is Christian and has been a member of Chicago's United Church of Christ for 20 years.

These facts did not stop some Clinton volunteers from circulating e-mails that falsely claimed Barack Obama is a Muslim late last year.

That bogus rumor (which he has worked hard to dispel) and the release of this picture are pathetic ploys to stoke the fears of ignorant Americans.

Hillary Clinton aides also suggested that his drug use as a young man might make him vulnerable to GOP attacks if he were the Democratic nominee.

She makes a point there. Thank goodness Bill Clinton didn't inhale, otherwise he might have left himself vulnerable to GOP attacks. Phew!

How much more shameless and desperate can the former First Lady get? Stay tuned - the proverbial bar just keeps finding a way to go lower.


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You sheep that are watching this man and his progressive buds destroy the very fabric of America. Maybe your mum made you into the cry puss that you are today want to take from hardworking people to give to the loser. What happens? who will give to you when they break us with debt, break us with more corruption than ever. What is the story on the ceramoni name anyone else that isnt a muslim that did this same. You cant becasue they are dead from the muslim who killed them for nOT BEING A MUSLIM.


yes he is muslim . I love him ...


As the barak abama is muslim he will do some good things for the muslims worlds eventhough he himself is hiding that he is muslim in order to get win the vote for president of america.


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