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Okay, I highly suggest that everyone add Kat on MySpace and read her most recent bulletin. It thoroughly explains everything about this and how she did NOT have anything to do with it. If you ever watched Miami Ink you can fully tell that there was never any true animosity between Kat and Ami, or Kat and anyone on the show for that matter. Sure, Kat and Ami had their fights and disagreements, but there was never a time when there were too harsh of words exchanged. Kat is way more successful than Ami is now; that's obvious. Now, if you were Ami - opened your own tattoo shop, had an artist who left and then went on to create a tattoo shop that within a mere few months was more successful than yours was after a year - you would be upset and want to "get back" at whoever did that. But this? That's taking it to a whole other level, and it's really ridiculous, to say the least. Kat > Ami. Kat is a down to earth person who I truly don't think has it in her to even be mean.

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