American Idol: The Three Man Race

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We know it's early. The top 12 American Idol men have only performed one time during the semifinals.

And certain competitors were pleasant surprises: David Hernandez put on a smooth performance last night and Jason Castro has a unique sound to him.

Still, we feel confident already in saying the male side of things on Idol this season is all about three singers. Let's take a look at them now:

  • Michael Johns (pictured): Come on, viewers, didn't he light your fire? Belting out this classic by The Doors last night, the former lead singer of The Rising is the most polished and mature of all semifinalists, male or female.

  • David Archuleta: Can we just anoint him into the final five already? Simon said Archuleta's rendition of The Miracles' Shop Around was the best of the night. We're not sure we agree... but how is a guy with this voice just 17 years old?
  • David Cook: This hopeful rocker put on our favorite performance of the evening. He took the slow tune, "Happy Together," and made it current and enjoyable. Perhaps it's the professional resumes possessed by the prior two contestants, but there's something innocent and fun about Cook.

Our picks to be eliminated tomorrow night: Garrett Haley and Jason Yeager.

Who was your favorite singer from last night? Who do you think is going home? Let us know!


David Archuleta will win AI and David Cook and Michael Johns will be getting contracts also, they will do well. Some American men are not fond of David Archuleta, they can't imagine any one at the age having such hugh success and marketability. Obviously ignorant and jealous. Go buy your rap music who cares, some adults like myself over 40+ are looking for a new great vocalist and a great role model on American Idol. I vote for him several times a week.


i think DAVID COOK should win the whole thing
he is the best singer by far!!! yes david A. is hot but his song choices never really impressed me also he is 17 hi will be famous some day but david cook deserves to win it now
luv u david c.


DAVID COOK all the way!! he's just brilliant and amzing ...soo alluring ... very nice .. luv since auditions and he hasnt let me down.. dont think he possibly can :) this whole business with his takin credit for covers is %&*Y^%$ David's just smart in choosing songs that suit him.. he hasnt taken credit for what isnt his and besides that's what the show is abt ..singing others songs he just chooses the lesser known songs.. pretty wise then again he is remarkably smart ( college gradute and a word nerd LOL)


David cook all the way i love u david!!


David cook blew me away....what a sexy sexy Hello has all new meaning to me now!


I loved David Cook last Tuesday when he sang Happy Together. I don't remember his audition but like what I've heard. I hope he makes it a few more rounds at least. I'm intersed in what he's got.


i <33333 david archuleta he is deffinettly gonna win i also like syesha they are the top two!


How can anyone say (did I read correctly above) not outright but that they questioned that david archuleta was the best this week. HE WAS BY FAR. He has the most talent by far and is not afraid to show it off on stage.


No just a fan lol


as long as it isn't that noriega guy!

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