An American Idol Look-Alike: Danny Noriega and Ramiele Malubay

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After last night's weird rendition of "Jailhouse Rock," we may not be seeing Danny Noriega on American Idol for much longer. Along with Garrett Haley and Jason Yeager, he's a favorite to be voted off tomorrow.

We're not sure yet about the chances of Ramiele Malubay on the show, as she joins the other 11 season seven semifinalists for ladies' night this evening.

Regardless of how Ramiele Malubay performs, though, she and Danny Noriega will have something in common: their looks!

Compare these American Idol contestants now:

The resemblance is not at all canny. Last night, Ryan Seacrest also told Robbie Carrico that he resembles Justin Timberlake. What do you think?

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is danny GAY???? or just EXTREMELY femininin


OMG!!!! Ramiele Malubay and Danny Noriega !! (DANIELE) oh my god.. there like this <3 BF's forever


ramiele whats wrong with you i cant believe that you can do that thing.... if you read this answer my question why did you do that,and why ur not very supportive to your self??? and can you intruduce me to david archuleta tell him that im so cute and prety and tell him that i love him soooo much!!!!!!!! and i love david... i love well bagay naman kami eh dba??? i love so much thanks 4 being good friend with david archuleta and brooke white i know your close to all in american idol..... season 7 thanks.... I LOVE YOU MORE


Fan of Danny n' Ramielle.
Never give up for you,,I'll always waiting for your album...
Cute girl and Funny Guy,,,
Luv you...{danny n' ramielle}


She is a very nice girl! and she is an excellent singer.
By: Maureen Abbeduto


I'm done with American Idol!!!!!!
No reason for me to watch that show!
We love you RAMIELE!!!


Idon't care what other people say about Ramiele. She is still the best singer in the group although she is an amateur. She can sing like a pro.


Is it possible For Ramiele to get off lullaby songs and liven her songs like one of her favorites, the Jackson 5? In other words, excite her audience!




pls vote for ramiele malubay! she deserves to stay in the american idol.. so sad for danny noriega because he's fun to watch out there but he was voted out but atleast ramiele malubay is still strong in that competition.. goodluck ramy!

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