Ali Lohan Rumored for Role in High School Musical 3

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Will Ali Lohan soon be moving in on Zac Efron?

Don't worry, Vanessa Hudgens fans, we're solely talking about the fictional realm of High School Musical 3.

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According to Marc Malkin of E! News, the younger sister of Lindsay Lohan might play a role in the third installment of the wildly popular High School Musical franchise.

All we know at the moment is that Ali would portray a spoiled student in the mold of Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale). Her rep confirmed almost as much, saying: "She is auditioning for it."

So, what do you think? Would Ali Lohan make a good addition to the cast of High School Musical?


Hola!!!!!! Me encanta Ali Lohan es re linda y buena cantante. La adoro.
Chau!!!!! Bye


i like ali if you dont then thats up to you if you dont have anything nice to say about her them dont say nothing at all !!!
leave her alone plz pple.


ali is 14yrs old,and i wish ali the best and i hope u gt the part and ingore the haters there jealous of u ali.


They are casting this part in England. The character is going to be a transfer student from London, UK so they are looking at British actresses with strong singing voices.


She's so pretty!! How old is she? It's a pitty she's Lindsay's sister. If wants to be considered a good actress and not someone who wants to be famous just because her sister is, she's gonna have to work really hard.

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