Ali Lohan: Following in the Footsteps of Lindsay Lohan

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This can't be good: Ali Lohan is following in the footsteps of older, troubled, skanky sister Lindsay Lohan. Literally.

It may seem innocent enough now, but just wait until Ali has had a few drinks and then gets into a car. Or every other guy who can stand upright gets into her.

The Lohan Shops

You play with a Firecrotch, Ali, and you get burned...


Calm down, it was just a joke. You don't have to take someone's insults so personally, especially when the insults were NOT about you!


You must be really jealous of Lindsay if you would be writting things about her little sister. Lindsay has been through enough and i think her mother and her LITTLE sister know this... maybe you have some problems of your own... i think anyone can see that overlooking the comment you posted.
From what i know the poor girl is 14 years old. I mean cmon... do you not have anything else to commment about that you have to write about this young little girl.
Maybe your life stories will be much more believing... so cmon... let us know whats bother you so much in your life that you have to focus on a 14 yearr old!

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