Aaron Carter Arrested for Possession of Pot

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We already knew that Aaron Carter was in love with Kaci Brown.

Now, it turns out that Nick Carter's little brother also has an affection for Mary Jane!

Aaron was arrested yesterday in Kimble County, Texas with at least two ounces of marijuana. TMZ has confirmed Aaron was pulled over on I-10 for speeding. When police searched his vehicle, they found enough pot to make Matthew McConaughey jealous.

Aaron will be arraigned later today.

Aaron Carter better hope he comes across this tough in prison. We can only imagine what happens to boy band singers behind bars...


I'm with you Jealyn. He is young and trobled, he needs guidens. I would be there for him any day, but a lot of people say that to someone like him, so what does it matter. Anyway, I hope that damn good looking talent find his path and then come visit me in Aarhus, Denmark. (just a little dream i have had sinse I saw him for the first time) But i would be the one in charge because im two days older then him :)


aaron carter is still young and I know that he is still confused as of this moment. That's why he goes on to that act....aaron needs someone to lean on and someone to be in his side to give an advice...don't ridicule him instead guide him....coursed not him but the act that his been doing....I know that what his doing is wrong but he needs sympathy as well as empathy...Aaron, I'm one of your fan..I'm with you all the way to support you..I hope that you can overcome the crisis that you had experience right now...pls. give him my e-mail ad so that I could send him up a message of encouragement....


aaron carter smokes bud?? and in texas? please give him my number and tell him to go to corpus! he will have more like two ounces of dro next time!


No mugshot? =/

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