A Zac Efron Motivational Poster

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Readers' comments on the recent Zac Efron gay photo scandal have ranged from disbelief to denial, from outrage to utter shock.

We don't know for certain if the High School Musical star is gay, but a shirtless Zac Efron kissing another male is definitely bi-curious.

Efron Picture

Which we have no problem with. People lead their own personal lives, make their own choices and shouldn't have to defend them. No one can define love for anyone else. We respect all celebrities' ethnic backgrounds and sexual orientations.

So if Zac Efron isn't ready to come out just yet - and is merely giving "friend love" as one reader suggests - good for him. No one should be outed before they are ready. Do your thing, Zac, and take your time. We love you always.

Hopefully this new poster inspires fans to support him no matter what ...

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zac is soooo not gay but he is sooooo HOT


i dont think zac is gay hes just messing around
he goes out with vanessa anyway and hes sooooo HOT xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Ha ha only an idiot would believe zac is gay!!! He's freakin' gorgeous and besides, he's dating Vanessa! Do you honestly think Vanessa would date a gay guy?! Get a life.


Okaii.. Now This Is Stupid It Mite B Him The nagen It Mite Not Zac Efron Is Just An Average Guy And Besides To Me That Doesnt Even Look Like Him An Even If It Was Hes Probaly Muckin Around Ive Heard Thats His Cuzon Ben Soo Big Woop Get Ova It :D <3 Love Ya Zac
Mrs Zaccie Efron


Ok that is stupid that isnt even him!! you can obviously tell because his hair doesnt even look like that. even if his hair did look like that we would all know its not him cuz hes not gay! Hes dating vanessa duh!


I don't think that's him. But what if he is? there is nothing wrong with being gay! you people just need to get lives!!!! GO OUTSIDE AND DO SOMETHING


OMG. R u serious that is not even Zac. This is just a joke from someone who doen't like him. He is going out with Vanessa anyway!! If you believe that this is him than you just don't like Zac Efron! But face it, Zac Efron is soooooo HOTTT and we all know it!!! LOL I LOVE ZAC EFRON<3333333


OMG. Zac Efron isn't even in this picture. If you believe any of this your really stupid! Zac Efron is hott and we all know it!


That's NOT zac efron in the photo, someone jus tryna make him look gay, and if u believe he gay then you stupid.


that is definitely not zac efron so whoever put that pic on there is just tryna make it look like hes gay. Zac is straight and is not even in the photo. so whoever thinks he is gay, then ur stupid for believin that.