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Readers' comments on the recent Zac Efron gay photo scandal have ranged from disbelief to denial, from outrage to utter shock.

We don't know for certain if the High School Musical star is gay, but a shirtless Zac Efron kissing another male is definitely bi-curious.

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Which we have no problem with. People lead their own personal lives, make their own choices and shouldn't have to defend them. No one can define love for anyone else. We respect all celebrities' ethnic backgrounds and sexual orientations.

So if Zac Efron isn't ready to come out just yet - and is merely giving "friend love" as one reader suggests - good for him. No one should be outed before they are ready. Do your thing, Zac, and take your time. We love you always.

Hopefully this new poster inspires fans to support him no matter what ...


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i can`t believe ! oh my god!


How about you stupid, slutty bimbos get a life. I bet all the Zac Efron lovers are push-up bra,make-up wearing sluts that finger thereself everytime they see a picture of him. Go back to imagining celebrities as your boyfriend and subscribing to your teen magazines. Maybe if you are learn a little more in school, you can have work at McDonalds and be a hooker in Vegas.


Who the fuck cares? Celebrities date bimbos get std's,take drugs and commit suicide. Why do you all act like he's better then you? I don't care if his sexual partner was Drew Pickles. He can have a skyscraper shoved up his urectnum for all I care.


Heyy, guys....ummm i duno how to tell yall this, but that is Zac...He is NOT gay or anything...it was a dare!!! Trust me I was there, he was drinking we all were soo w.e we dared them to kiss...it was me sid ashley and a few other people. But is is Zac...anyyways him and V-Babe are having alot of issues right now, and they arent dating but they are working it out. And in case u were wondering how i know them....i know them through miley...cuz me miley lesley lanie and all of us went to school together before miley became hannah....so yeah thats right...just thought id let yall know, he isnt gay!! i would know ;)


uhh, if this is really zac efron, he is gay. I mean really? guys don't "joke around" like that unless they are really uncomfortable with their own sexuality. so for people saying that we're stupid for thinking he is gay... then you're really arrogant yourself. just because you are his "biggest fan" doesn't make him any straighter. haha it's not like you bitches will ever date him.


Totally gay.. And all of you pleading for him not to be.. what the hell is the point? it's not like any of you fat pimply faced pubescent teenagers would EVER get a chance with him anyway.


You people act like being gay is nasty!!! It takes courage for people 2 come out and that makes them have more balls than any one of you guys!!! And second if he is so what!!! Its his life let him live it!!!


GET A FREAKIN LIFE!!! I bet your all 500 pound 13yr olds with bad skin who would never have a chance with him anyway. Now go to school and learn proper grammer... But I do agree with skatergirl, he can do whatever he wants, im gay myself and it makes life harder than it should be, dating Vanessa could easily be a coverup, (I've done it myself). You all don't want to believe that he's gay(if he is) because your completely infatuated with someone you'll more likely than not, ever meet. The point is, its about respect for ones desicions and lifestyle. You can go back staring at the larger than life poster of zac above your bed in awe now.


It's pretty impossible to tell if it is Zac or not (he's supposedly the one on the RIGHT, people. the right.), and even if it is, it doesn't matter. Even if it's him in the picture, that doesn't mean he's gay or bi or even bicurious. All my male friends joke around with each other about being gay and having sex with each other, and most of them are straight. And for the record, dating an attractive girl or being quite attractive oneself does not in any way mean one is straight, silly people. Anyhow, it's ridiculous that you could honestly be a fan of someone but stop being a fan because they might be gay. That doesn't show real support of a person, that shows you think he's hot. Jesus.


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You never know with teenage girls. It's funny. But they're always, most of the time they're pretty respectful, and I love 'em. I'm very grateful.

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