A New Photo of Matt Grant, The Bachelor

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Move over, Andy Baldwin.

Step aside, Brad Womack.

While those aforementioned hunks had plenty going for them, they've got nothing on Matt Grant, a 27-year-old Englishman and financier who will be starring on ABC's long-running reality hit, The Bachelor, this summer.

Don't believe us? Here's a new promotional photo of Matt Grant from the network. He may have a boring name, but he's dashing, don't you think?

Matt Grant Picture

Matt Grant: The Bachelor for Season 11.

Hopefully Matt Grant can reverse some of the more recent trends on The Bachelor. Those being domestic violence (Mary Delgado) and ass clowns rejecting both hot finalists (Womack). Hey, at least the bar is set pretty low for Matt.

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shayne is just a pen name . real name- ami gandhi!


amanda would of been the right choice, your not to smart are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shayne will look like her mother and stepmother in 10 years. chelsea is cold and fake. good luck guy your going to need it.


what's wrong with you matt!!!! you had 25 women and you pick the two worse one's of the group to be the final. all i can say is you deserve what you get, and now a lot of us know why you are still a bachelor and can't find a girl of your own. chelsea and shayne" are you nuts"


I hope he wil pick Chelsea, cause' with shayne he has no normal future...her mom was right when she said that with actor is hard to live!!


Good luck Matt, knowing you personally you deserve to find a your match - all the best and I hope the ending is just as you would imagine


We're watching, so Matt has already picked his lady - I truly hope he did what Brad Womack did and picked no one, but alas, the network and the show would not allow it, I'm sure. It takes an actress to know an actress - Shane claims to be an actress, and she is playing Matt like a Stradivarius. I can't see him with any of the remaining ladies. If he ended up with Shane, God help him. She is the definitive poster girl for high maintenance drama queen, and our Matt would never have a moment's peace with her.
He is scrumptious in every way....wish I were a tad younger.


Matt, You are a very charming and well-educated man. Attributes like yours can make any girl fall in love with you. Good luck in finding your true mate.


Huh...You are so so so HOT AND LOOK
Can't wait to see more of you!!


mmmmmm...yummy!!! Where do I sign up to be on the show ???


It's season 12, I wish you would stop saying season 11.
Anywho- he is cuter and appears to be MUCH smarter that Brad Womack-yay!