Wentworth Miller and Amie Bice: Together?

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Is Wentworth Miller back together with Amie Bice?

The Prison Break star and the blonde cutie caused a stir went they were spotted together back in April 2007, and celebrity gossip photographers have now snapped shots of the duo together again.

This photo of Wentworth Miller and Amie Bice is courtest of INF Photo.

Miller, of course, has also been rumored to be gay. Previous reports linked him to actor Luke Macfarlane.

We couldn't care less about Wentworth's sexual orientation. We just hope he's happy in love and in life.

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well 1st of all he has said that he isn't gay so guyz this rumour isn't real.people just make newz of those persons who r pure and good persons,so i trust him,HE ISN'T GAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY


wow cute and sexy boy i cant leave to look your eyes in prison break you so hot amazing guy in this world kiss love you


he is so gorgeous he better not be gay he is so gorgeous i've became addicted to watching prison break i just cant stop staring at him and those beautiful blue eyes.and i dont even like white boys but this one has sucked me in so mr wentworth u have a huge fan in me


it doesn't matter if he's gay or straight..he's a very sexy man..I love him on prison break!!! peace out!!!


wentworth is too hot 2 b gay.. luv u!


went pls come visit TANZANIA we love to see u.


i love u mr miller but i hope that the rumurs are not true ,too sexy.


stinky,your my favourite actor.I like character Michael.Your life HAPPYyyyyyy.


I love prison break and wentworth, but ive just discovered he might be gay and im extremely upset :( its always the hotties


can't believe that wenty you re really into men,pls stay wit a gal