Tony Romo Tries, Fails to Dump Jessica Simpson

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Just when it seemed like Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo might go all the way (so to speak), rumors are surfacing that they're on the rocks.

According to OK! Magazine, insiders say a hunting trip the two enjoyed last weekend was a last-ditch effort to save their relationship.

OK! also says Tony Romo has already tried to dump Jessica Simpson.

After his playoff loss to the Giants, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback called Jessica to try to break things off, but she talked him out of it.

"He said he thought it would be better if they went back to being friends," a pal of Jessica's said. "'Just friends' isn't in Jessica's vocabulary, and she is not a victim. She knows how bad this will look in the media."

According to the pal, Jessica refused to give up, and so Tony invited her on what he thought would be the worst date of her life: a hunting trip!

"It's Tony's way of punishing Jess," laughs her friend. "Jessica Simpson hunting â€" and without her entourage? Forget it!"

Is Tony Romo looking to stop huddling up with Jessica Simpson?

According to the Simpson insider, "Tony Romo has finally started to realize how high-maintenance Jessica is," says her friend. "We're talking diva status. She comes with an entourage, and that includes her dad, Joe Simpson."

Joe Simpson, as we know, also doubles as Jessica's pimp.

Only time will tell if these two will make it, but at least Tony's teammate Terrell Owens seems to be making progress in the romance department.

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