Tom Brady: Shirtless at the Meat Market

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For those of you living under a rock and missing the Patriots-Giants game last week, quarterback Tom Brady led New England to a perfect 16-0 season, then enjoyed a celebratory dinner with his supermodel girlfriend. Standard fare.

But, more importantly, viewers were treated to a look back at Brady's 2000 tape from the 2000 NFL scouting combine! Awww. Look at that young, lost puppy!

Tom, Gisele and a Son

Tom Brady: Shirtless at the 2000 NFL scouting combine.

If the sixth-round pick out of Michigan was destined for greatness, Brady certainly didn't show it from the start, looking forlorn and downright pudgy in this shirtless photo. But three Super Bowl titles, numerous NFL records and one Gisele Bundchen later, there's not much else to criticize about the man.

Here's a bonus Tom Brady photo after the Patriots' historic win at New York on Saturday night. Looks just a little more confident, rugged and grown-up, no?

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Pudgy? PUDGY? Seriously... this is not pudgy. And we wonder why our kids have self esteem issues.


He's a whiny little punk b*tch. Also, Jizzelle Bungchen looks like Lance Armstrong in a wig.


PatinNJ, why are you so stupid? Tom Brady is hot and is a great football player. You are probably super fat and are just jealous of Giselle.


They were caught cheating versus the jets, the 1st game of the season, in fact with about 12 minutes left of the 2nd quarter. SO they got about 17 minutes of tape. So what about the other 15+ hours of football throughout the season? Did you actually think the jets could be them anyway? hahaha


The season wasn't perfect, they were caught cheating. If they hadn't cheated they might not have won all of the games, we'll never know. They cheated. Also, Gisele is ugly, tan and thin but with a man-face. And, this dude is no more a man now then then. He's still a skunk. He left that other chick all knocked up. Not a good man at all.