The Perrie Cataldo Mug Shot, Arrest Record

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Perrie Cataldo brought viewers to tears last night with his story of being a single father, one whose baby's mama was killed two years ago for being "at the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong people, doing the wrong thing."

Now, however, it sounds as though this American Idol hopeful wasn't always in the right place, either.

TMZ has obtained an arrest record revealing that Cataldo - after being kicked out of a bar for fighting - carried a handgun back inside the joint in Glendale, Arizona in 2006. According to the arresting officer, Cataldo was "concealing" the gun under his clothing, confronted by security and arrested.

Perrie Cataldo Mug Shot

Cataldo plead no contest to carrying a concealed weapon (a misdemeanor) and was fined $568. FOX had no comment, but allow us to say:

We hope Perrie gets the chance to turn his life around. After all, Antonella Barba didn't get bounced from the show for her past with a weapon a certain male friend had been concealing underneath his clothing.

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Everyone has a past, but its always possible to turn around your life so that you can have a future. I say give him a chance, the boy can sing his ass off. Let him make a life for his son and himself.


ay wats up?for the haterz out there...ur juss makin him bigger.n thats a good thing!i was juss kickn it wit last nite n hew as tellin bout this shyt.i got his back thru thick n thin.ive known p for some years n hes a real ass puerto rikan!so p if you read this i got u s exii....lolz.


The world is crazy and its alot of crazy people out there..sometime you feel you need to protacted yourself