The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest 14

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We welcome you back, celebrity gossip fans around the world, to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, a Fun Friday afternoon tradition.

This week's winner is Historygirl. Congratulations! It was a tough choice, but no way we could pass up any reference to the great Blake Fielder-Civil.

Conservator and Daughter

The winning caption to this classic, pre-hospitalized Britney Spears photo appears below. Thanks to all for playing and good luck again this week!

Brit: Hey Blake, let's get together sometime, who cares about Amy!
Blake: Sorry, I have to hang up, it's time for yard exercise.


Hi sis! I didn't want you to look more out of control than me so guess what I did..yup I am pregnant. Isn't it great. Our kids can be taken away from us at the same time. Come celebrate and have a drink with me! Mom drank tequila and smoked dope with me and I turned out fine. DONT WORRY SO MUCH.


"Hey, it's Britney. I'm just looking for a new boyfriend. Are you a guy? Okay, good. Let's hook up and go to the Four Seasons Hotel and I'll wear my pink wig. Can't wait, bye".


Hey, y'all, do I look pregnant in this outfit? Oh, I forgot, you can't see me, he he.


Welcome to Chris Crocker's helpdesk.


"yea life is so hard, me and jamie lynn will make it somehow"...*hangs up, high fives her sis for they have both dumped their kids/responsibilities and have the rest of the night to party it call *"adnad what shall i wear? if someone dosent tell me ill forget and wear nothing, DONT MAKE ME GO BRITISH ON YOUR ASS!!!"


Can you hear me now, y'all? (southern accent)
Can you hear me now? (British accent)
Can you hear me know?(Mexican/Chinese like accent)


Ohhh bloody hell, my phone card is about to run out yall.


Consumers Vs non-consumers. I guess Britney's phone bill was too high. Darn peck mins.


One more inch...


paps, hey yall it's me, can ya help me find my phone...i's lost it.....

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