The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest 13

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We welcome you, celebrity gossip fans around the world, to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest. This week's winner is HP. Congratulations! Scroll down to see the winning entry and the full list of replies. Good luck again this week!

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Image

"Hey SPs, I'm doing a documentary on how repressed you are… you know, to KSW. Say ‘Thetan'!"

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His nose seems to be the reason for all his so-domintaing attention-craving behvaior!


"Hey SPs, I'm doing a documentary on how repressed you are... you know, to KSW. Say 'Thetan'!"


Oh, you said to be number one you had to be on camera; not the camera on you?


Looks like he's completely a normal human being. Good. He shows some traces of hope....


For one, he's doing something normal.